Mexico, Art, Color and You

    Welcome back to your happy platform!   Welcome back to another happy adventure seen from the perspective of my life: gratitude.     Grateful    Grateful     For those of you who visit me for the first time, I welcome you to this platform, which I am very happy to share with you  how I freed myself from the power of "Poor Me" … [Read more...]

Endorphinated in Mexico

Welcome with more from Indoor Technology!   Good morning from the heart of Mexico! San Miguel de Allende, in the state of Guanajuato.     Endorfinada!   During this trip to Mexico, I want to share what happens in my brain that keeps me always in a state of bliss, creativity, always feeling energetic and eager to continually share more.   In this great little town … [Read more...]

Calm whatever happens

Welcome back!     FIL  Greetings from the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico   I welcome you, now during the Book Fair in Guadalajara, presenting my book Spiritual Orgasms, vivid events in the now in my native country, Mexico.   It's been wonderful to be at this important fair, the biggest in Latin America  in its kind.   Being … [Read more...]

Just Being. The Retreat

Welcome back home!   It is a great pleasure to greet you again on this happy platform.   We started last May with the "The language of a happy life", and then we continue with the program "Internal Technology, what is going on in my brain?", sharing in detail how I have been, also through the internet, helping others successfully to decide to be happy and stay happy even in the … [Read more...]

Cause happiness using your inner technology

    My birthday.   The day my mother gave birth to my life.   Thank you with total amazement ...   Again...   And in this deep gratitude comes this message to share with you.         Cause the life of your dreams... ... know your brain and the effects of a grateful life perspective     Being in touch with you is like being … [Read more...]

Winner in London?

  Welcome back, this time in London! Dear friends happy and not so happy, With another session of The Language of a Happy Life: What is going on in my brain?   This time I have decided to share with you an amazing experience that has happened to me because I am almost always giving my brain pleasant, kind and happy images through my thoughts based on gratitude. These positive images … [Read more...]

Bananas and hugs

  Welcome smiling boys and girls! Very good morning from this wonderful country at the foot of the Himalayas: … [Read more...]

Inside Technology

  Welcome back!   Ahlan wa Sahlan from Dubai! Back after you've visited Mexico, Líbano y Arabia Saudita, preguntándoles como les ha ido con la aplicación del Lenguaje de una Vida Feliz? … [Read more...]

Problem or Challenge? Your decision!

  Good morning from Lebanon!     Thanking from the Monastery of San Charbel in Annaya... Ahhhh... what a sense of peace!   What a privilege to be able to communicate with you from this city full of enigmas and human warmth, the product of a necklace of pearls of conflict between different ethnic groups and creeds... a country that has always united when foreign forces … [Read more...]

…What if?

    Good morning from a vibrant, colorful Mexico City, full of life and active people! Torrential rains that leave their message flowing in a few minutes and then give way to calm and the delicious smell of wet earth...   Mandala Academy in Mexico City. After torrential rain the masons and workers continue their work smiling while our flag flies proudly.     The … [Read more...]