…What if?



Good morning from a vibrant, colorful Mexico City, full of life and active people! Torrential rains that leave their message flowing in a few minutes and then give way to calm and the delicious smell of wet earth…


Mandala Academy in Mexico City. After torrential rain the masons and workers continue their work smiling while our flag flies proudly.


The purpose of this academy is to incite the Child to remember one’s greatness through the teaching of “inner technology” based on the premise that the gentlest is the strongest…


And after the rain, there is always calm…


It is a pleasure to welcome you back to a new Happy Life Language session.


For those who arrive today for the first time I invite you to go to my blog at happiestgloria.com read the episode 8.5.17 in which we start with this happy course.


The passion that motorizes my life is to incite others to decide to be happy. And this is achieved by speaking in a positive and grateful way since we are what we think. 


And what is to be happy to me?: is the art of being especially grateful in those difficult moments.


Join us so that you too are aware of the way you talk and thus provoke life that tu you want to live.


Now let’s look at the misdeeds that the virus “and if…?” causes in the life of the wearer:


Let’s see the following different options:
  • Y if I don’t pass the exam?
  • And if I can’t get the sales contract signed?
  • And if I can’t afford to pay the rent?
  • And if I can’t find an honest worker?
  • And if we raise the price of gasoline?
  • And if I don’t get there on time?
  • And if I have cancer?
  • Y if… to you that afflicts you?


Whatever afflicts you, let’s see how it really matters is how you see the situation that afflicts you and not really the situation itself.



The virus “… y yes?. ..”



This thought leads you irreversibly to feel craving and uncertainty.   And the craving calls the craving.


Let’s look at the following case in which John is imagining the consequences of not being able to get him signed the sales contract that his company demands:


 y si


“Oh my God! And if I can’t get the contract signed? What am I going to do if I don’t sign it?


Ay no!! Even my belly hurts to think that I’m going to have to cancel our flight to Disney that my kids love so much…


Oh my God! Y if run me? I’m going to be out of a job! I’m sure they’ll run me… and what am I going to tell my wife?


Y if ask me for divorce?


No! No! I don’t want to live anymore!


This life is very difficult!!!!”



What’s going on in your brain?


John is not being affected by the situation but by how he sees the situation!


Your brain is detecting an alarm state and is sending you the stress hormone so you can fight or defend yourself!!

The brain doesn’t know it’s not a dog that’s running it or a mammoth that wants to catch it! The brain only detects the state of continuous anxiety in which John lives all the time, fed by his negative thoughts! It continues to grieve:
  • While handling
  • While eating
  • While washing the face
  • While falling asleep
  • On Waking
  • While showering
  • While… all the time!


Stress hormone is EXCELLENT! It’s designed to get us out of situations that could cost us our lives! But not when it is constantly produced, sending us into a state of contraction and measly, making our body slowly sick in a way that can be fatal…



But it doesn’t have to be that way!



The antidote … when


Let’s look at the following case in which John is absolutely confident that he will close the sales contract:



y si 2


“I’m delighted! Tomorrow when I present my project I will touch the hearts ♥️ of the council members… and our product will make many people happy!


I love working for my company that is always thinking about improving the situation of our community! I am the most privileged to be able to be working for them, with them, causing so many wages and smiles!!


I love my work!”



What’s going on in your brain?


It is clear that John is happy 😊 to be thinking about the day near when he will present his project and sell his product.


The brain, capturing that everything is perfect how it is, produces the happiness hormone, endorphin, making it feel relaxed 😎 and happy. His heart ❤️ usually beats by oxygenating his whole body and smiles as he is seeing an image at all hours in which everyone admires his presentation.



How to get calm and make the brain produce endorphins instead of cortisol?


  • Remembering that my body is perfectly designed,admiring it
  • Sleeping 💤 enough
  • Eating balancedly
  • Constantly appreciating neighbor
  • Thanking everything I have
  • Doing gentle acts
  • Living here and now
  • Smiling!


And you, what do you decide?


Yes, because your happiness is a decision. Tu decision.


If you haven’t managed to return to that peace and security space where everything is perfect how it is and everyone is good, and you’re ready to take this step, just decide! Start by noticing how you speak, using only the antidote to the virus that causes you to speak by criticizing or judging others.


Take action today! Smile and say if!!! to life!


Whatever happens!


Y share with us your changes of consciousness leaving down your comments.


Together we are happier!



See you August 30 with more!


We’ll talk about the “problem” virus and its antidote “challenge”.


Pensamientos felices, vida feliz!Happy thoughts, Happy life!


Blessings mil!

Leave your comments! Enrich us with your impressions!


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