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  FIL  Greetings from the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico


I welcome you, now during the Book Fair in Guadalajara, presenting my book Spiritual Orgasms, vivid events in the now in my native country, Mexico.


It’s been wonderful to be at this important fair, the biggest in Latin America  in its kind.


Being interviewed by Paolina of the Sanborns Circle


A great woman and journalist, today also writer


  With my editor Apollonius Multibook


Being Happy causes health, abundance and well-being


And we continue on the path of how to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what!


We started past 1.5.17 with the series The Language of a Happy Life 



To illustrate the application of both, I want to relate  how I, being addicted to endorphins, remain in a deep state of gratitude, therefore, from endorfinizacion... almost always serene, cheerful, healthy and energetic.


I hope to infect you, because it really feels like it’s so much to be free just to be!



I get up with the sun


Before the sun rises, I open my eyes thanking one more day of life. I close my eyes and thank my parents for my life and my body for being the vehicle that allows me to sail at this party called life… my heart ❣ late oxygenating to my 50 trillion cells that continue their work of working as a team, in excellence and perfect harmony so that you can exist…


Ahhhh. Thank you… and my brain releases the order of production of endorphins… ahhhh



The Pool, the Cold and Lourdes


With my heart dancing, I go out barefoot in a bathing suit wrapped in a towel towards the hotel pool, which is surrounded by centuries-old trees that seem to converse with the water contained in that large and beautiful pool.


Thanking my husband at starting the day


I feel the effect of water caressing my skin… shuddering at such a privilege.


Nado thanking you  


I start moving my body, floating freely, closing my eyes, visualizing my muscles that keep my bones in position. I imagine how, as I breathe out every move, my muscles thank me for these moments so intimate with myself.


Now it’s up to the muscles in my back and abdomen, pulling and pushing into the water with specific movements to thank my abdomen and spine for everything they do for me. And I feel your answer:


“We also thank you Glory, for taking care of us with this constancy.”


And I smile again, and my brain gives the order again: “maaas endorfiiiinaaaas!!”





Trees, hummingbirds, water, wet hug and gratitude  


In that sense of expansion my body shudders in total joy; exactly at that moment orgasmic appears two hummingbirds in front of me, like waving at me, fiddling with each other.


I shudder even more… seeing them gives me a wonderful sense of stupor. They get closer and closer to me like telling me: “Hello Gloria! You’re great! Do you want to play with us?”


“Good morning!”   I answer fascinated you.


How beautiful they are!” I say excited. It stays 2-3 seconds fluttering in front of


And suddenly they fly up, taking off like a helicopter.


I still swim feeling even more grateful for these magical gifts, when I see Mrs. Lourdes sweeping the leaves that drop the immense centuries-old trees under which I am blessed as I swim and say:


Good morning sañora! I’ve been waiting for you! I want you to know that you have already injected me with a love for my work”


I was stunned. Two days earlier, the first day I walked into the pool, I had found her a little bit angry. Feeling his discomfort I said:


“Thank you so much for having this so clean! Your work is very important!”


I turned to see surprised, but delighted at the same time.


“How lucky you are to work here, under these trees that constantly bless you.”


Lourdes smiles slightly and turns to see the trees towards their huge corollas.


“How’s your back?” I ask you, knowing that sweeping can cause serious back pain.

At this point he smiles big at me, and I continued to swim in even more joy.


I injected you with love for your work? Wow! I am very happy that you have felt the love I feel for these trees and this pool.   Thank you Lourdes! It makes me very happy!”


Time to get out of the pool, meeting Lourdes.


I can give you a hug?” And both smiling we warmly embrace.


Smiling and looking into her eyes I thanked her again. I took my key and wrapped myself in the towel, shocked by the low temperature that I was shaking.


I ran to my smiling room, and when I placed my key, I couldn’t open it! He had demagnetized…



Passing the test 


“No! And with the cold it does!” I said to myself.


I had no choice but to go to the reception for another key. What I loved is that it was super fun! I was so “endorfinada” that I couldn’t get angry or criticize or judge at all!


Attacking me with laughter, I flipped upwards saying, “Thank you for this litmus test. Of all maneras I decide to be happy!”, and I ran towards the reception so as not to feel the cold.


Y again, I thanked my brain for the endorphins that continued to be secreted, happiing my body steadily.



All my day was a song to life 


As my brain was in constant state of serenity, doses of endorphins were still secreted non-stop. So my whole day remained happy, feeling in constant state of celebration.


What’s going on in my brain?


Definitely my brain, super accustomed to continually giving endorphin secretating orders for my eternal state of gratitude, makes everything I do in a state of harmony and clarity. I almost always feel calm in my womb and celebrate whoever is in front of me.


If for some reason something happens that is not what I expected, I immediately see other options in that calm in which I live.


It’s not that I never feel angry or upset, but it doesn’t last longer than a few minutes because I always wonder: “What’s going on in my brain,” and I do that if I stay in a state of contraction, I’m just poisoned myself; so I focus on a nice thought  and I return to my natural state: happiness…





Invitation to create your own happy bubble


I invite you to get used to your brain too to secrete endorphins. How?


  • When you wake up, do it calmly and in time to appreciate your body, your bed, your sheets, your life…
  • When you’re in front of the mirror brushing your teeth, thank them that thanks to them you can eat
  • When you’re at the breakfast bar, thank what you’re eating… to the farmer who harvested the vegetables and fruits, to the carrier who brings the product to the super, to the super who organizes the sale of many products in one area so that you can choose what you like the most
  • When you’re at school, appreciate your teachers, and especially the people  with whom you feel a resistance.
  • Appreciate, thank, celebrate…


I appreciate you for reading my blogs that are intended to share the joy that life is, and that you too be a contagious agent of happiness.




Next Appointment: December 15!


Let’s see from San Miguel de Allende because this  city is so Happy.


Let’s see how the warm, jovial character of people gave me in such a way that I decided to stay for four years instead of 5 days which was my original plan.


Let’s see how that state of expansion led me to the foundation of Villas Xichú, an oasis of happiness that is currently a holiday destination chosen by many people!


So much so that next will be held at Villas Xichú.



What’s going on in your brain?



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