The power of being in the here and now.

Welcome with mindfulness!!! Welcome back to this platform of happiness, where we share how to decide to be happy and stay  happy no matter what happens, in the here and now, in full mind. This time I am sharing with you the amazing power of the mind attention, being in the here and now, which can be felt especially in Annaya, Lebanon, in the Hermitage of San Charbel. This place is … [Read more...]

High school graduate? And now that?

Learning how to apply academic information in a practical way     This week we had the honor of witnessing the high school graduation of 20 students at Villas Xichu.   It was very significant for us to witness the celebration of the conclusion of such an important cycle in the life of a young adult, which is about to open another door: that of the academic specialization itself, … [Read more...]

Speak Grateful … Feel Happy

  WHAT RELATIONSHIP HAS MY BODY WITH MY HAPPY? As terrestrials we are, absolutely everything we do has to do with our bodies. Without this body we simply couldn't be in Mother Earth. The body is the vehicle that was assigned to us to come to this Party called Life, and to be able to understand what it means "Thank you, feel happy!"     WHAT IS THE BODY? When I was a child I … [Read more...]

Protected: Workshop of Spiritual Orgasms.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]