Speak Grateful … Feel Happy



As terrestrials we are, absolutely everything we do has to do with our bodies. Without this body we simply couldn’t be in Mother Earth. The body is the vehicle that was assigned to us to come to this Party called Life, and to be able to understand what it means “Thank you, feel happy!”  



When I was a child I hadn’t quite understood my relationship with my body… rather I hadn’t understood anything. I didn’t understand it was the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me. I had not understood that my body— and yours—is a Divine gift… And now that I understand… No, I don’t just understand, I know!… I learned to love it, take care of it, love it, admire it, thank you…


… I learned to be.

After my awakening, I began to have constant experiences that made me understand me more and more, one smile at a time.


As I realized that my illness had been caused by the fear under which I lived, I began to live in a more conscious way all the experiences I lived.


When Antonio, my half-brother, revealed to me at 16 that I suffered from epilepsy (I didn’t know) telling me that I could cure her with the power of my mind, I felt it was a huge opportunity to get out of my “solitude”…


It gave me the task of stopping taking the medications and instead thanking my body daily, before bedtime and waking up, thanking each party for the service he gave me. And so, that gratitude began to bear fruit.




How to help you mism@ to get out of feeling in contraction and enter to feel like expansion


What is expansion?

It’s our natural state of being. Scientists have shown that the Universe continues to expand … as well as everything it contains, including the Earthlings, You and Me. When you’re in an expanding state you feel light, you feel like your breathing is quieter and more harmonious. Literally the distance between your body’s cells increases in expansion… and you’re going to a sense of reverence … Ahhhh…. Yes… The images produced in your image factory are positive, creative, inclusive, unlimited and generous. You feel good.


What is shrinkage?

It’s the opposite of expansion. It is not our natural state of being; is what we experience when we have thoughts derived from fear. The images produced in our image factory will be negative, limiting, contractual … you’re not feeling well.. .



My Process how I return to recognize the “great of my”


At the time I did not understand what was going on: when it came to creating images of appreciation towards the parts of my body in which I concentrated with infinite love and gentleness, I was sending the signal to my brain that everything was fine:

  • A when it comes to “conversation” with my eyes surprised by the miracle that is to see
  • When thanking my ears, astonished at the fact that I can distinguish between my mother’s voice and the bird in the garden;
  • When it comes to admiring my sense of smell, absolutely marvel at how I can distinguish between coffee or tea, both of the same color;
  • When it comes to introducing a grape to my mouth and I can appreciate its taste…
  • When it comes to knowing that thanks to my teeth, that grape being transformed into the food bolus in my stomach, who since I was born has been keeping me alive…


While at first I did not feel any admiration for my ugly face, the sense of wonder that caused me to see my eyes see me, admire the way my nose could catch different smells, or as my ears of Dumbo could recognize different sounds was infecting me, and at the end of a certain time I began to recognize who was my body…


I learned to feel a kind of veneration for the magnificent gift that is our body: the divine vehicle… MILAGROSO, which we allows to travel at this party we call life.


I always wear three rings in my hands, which I was so fondly given by my mother, father and husband. And I never take them off as a thank you and tribute to these important people in my life…


… but there is an even more miraculous gift than these rings: my body



My Body (and Yours)


There is one thing that is common in all human beings: we are all. YES, we are simply.


And to be, we all breathe.


And to breathe we all do it through the lungs, heart and airways… present in our bodies.



How to take the reins of one’s brain

  • Let’s imagine the Brain as the recipient of the images we sent you.
  • Let’s focus on being careful to base these images on gentle thoughts, fertilized by a deep appreciation, for an unlimited thanks that sends us in expansion…
  • Let’s create our own reality, our own truth, to our liking and conviction


Piensa Agradecido, Se Feliz


Cheating the Brain for our benefit


The trick is: make the Brain believe that everything is perfect like this. To be aware that it is not the situation in which we are overwhelmed, but as we see the situation that determines our “reality”…


How to change negative thoughts to positive?


Your imagination is your most powerful weapon… is your image factory… and the images are the ones that dictate what hormone the brain will produce: cortisol (so you have the ability to escape or defend yourself) or endorphins (so that you feel relajad@ since harmony and peace reigns).

  • I’m nobody – I’m hermos@, just like you!
  • Everyone wants to attack me – I know that that person is suffering, not that he wants to attack me!
  • I’m hart@ traffic! – I love to hear my music and sound while I’m in the car!
  • I can’t get the money! – How much I appreciate being able to buy this apple from my daughter!


How you speak determines how you act.


If you have positive thoughts, your actions will be too. Otherwise, you will end up taking negative actions that will take you away from the path you really want to follow: that of peace, health, abundance and well-being.


In this course “The Language of a Happy Life” I will be sharing you as I came out of the way of unhappiness and enter the path of happiness. MY Happiness.


Yes, this was my decision to decree: “The only option I allow myself is to be happy (being in a state of appreciation especially in times of challenge)”



Next 30 de Mayo  we will start with the virus TREAT.


Discover how this little ruffian that is in everyone’s mouths can avoid, without your knowledge, that you are really walking towards your purposes.


We will also talk about how to “install” the antidote: Only Do it! consciously, being able to arm yourself with what you need to direct your happiness as you understand it. Your.


Call to Action


Until the next May0 30! I suggest you start watching how you use this little parasite, and how it’s everywhere. Notice the reaction of the people who use it, and yours.


And in the meantime, have fun hugging your loved ones!




Pensamientos felices, vida feliz!

Pensamientos felices, vida feliz!


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