Happiness is contagious!


Welcome back!

Welcome back to this Enfelizadora Platform, in which I am so eager to share with you how it is that my constant state endorfinized gives me the support to endure the “attacks of defiance” of the day in order to remain in the state of gratitude, happy, thus ensuring the continuous production of endorphins, the chemist responsible for remaining clear, calm and content.

If you want to see the scientific side of how to stay happy, there are many articles you can google.

I prefer to focus on our interior technology, that our Creator gave us when we were created so perfectly; Now, naturally and spapotaneously, let’s just follow the GPS direction: “I feel good“.

Come with me to my “today”. Join me on this happy journey, no matter what!


Starting the day thanking the Creator for another happy and wonderful day.

Swimming in Gratitude

My daily endorsinator practice


Every day I get up at 5 a.m., dedicating myself 5 hours, until 10 a.m., to communicate with myself and nature practicing the following activities

  • Meditate
  • Swim in the sea or walk in the wild
  • Prepare for a hearty breakfast
  • Read what my heart enjoys,
  • Go to gym
  • Watch and talk to nature


… All this makes me feel happy and grateful, helping me start the day swimming in gratitude …


Starting the day by thanking our Creator for another wonderful day!

Today’s First Creative Meeting

I had a midday meeting here at Dubai;a> I was looking forward to meeting with a fellow member of CEO Clubs,  happy to share projects.

Getting to the iconic hotel Jumeirah Beach itself was a very rewarding event.

Even more so when I learned about Izzat’s incredible projects, aimed at providing the community with excellent services that are fun and innovative.

Izzat Rostum, founder of Dubai Exotic Limo


My endorphin tank was filling up quickly, prompting a great base for brainstorming, setting the GPS in the direction “I feel good”.

Endorfinada, I arrive gladly to my dentist appointment

Armed with a great sense of satisfaction, I went to the Michaels Dental Clinic to continue treatment.

As usual, I was greeted by receptionists who are so beautiful and relaxed that you don’t feel like you’re in a doctor’s clinic: fresh fruit, tea, coffee, water bottles, all under the magical effect of relaxing music that was more and more filling my tank with endorphins.

Ohhh … how much we laugh!

As I waited my turn to enter the X-ray room, I had the opportunity to look closely at the great details around me:

  • Impeccable cleaning
  • Colorful toddlers for kids, with tempting creative toys to entertain them.
  • The sensation of being in a garden, rolled with giant trees

How I felt grateful to be in such an affectionate environment!


Mas endorphins

When I was taken with a panoramic x-ray, my cheerful Sensation made me appreciate even more the people behind so much technology.

I feel the infinite thanks to all the teachers in the world… Thank you!

How many hours of research were behind these amazing machines? How many sleepless nights …

The doctor, born in Denmark, was very friendly and straight to the point.

However, he seriously asked me if I was prepared to take care of my implants very seriously and commitmently, so that he could make his decision based on my answer.

Dr. Sorenson, incredibly honest and professional.

And even more endorphins!

After this very joyful visit to the dentist, I attended my appointment at 5 p.m. intended to partner with one of the CEO Clubs members,  Qabas, creating the workshop “Clean your mess, be your happiness.”


Qabas, directora de  Riforma

Qabas,  very skilled motivational consultant, I literally was surprised in one of her presentations. She was now eager to offer an event that would allow the audience to find their own skills and vision by building ideas with the use of LEGOS, not words or pen and paper.

I can’t express how happy I am, realizing that my level of creativity was exploding along with Qabas.

Yes yes! Together we create better!

Concluding with a complete workshop plan and assigned date, I turned to the telephone company DU. very grateful for the events past during the day, all I wanted to do was appreciate everything around me.

So many endorphins don’t allow me to complain…

And that feeling is so contagious that everyone around me seemed to want to please me! Although I came to compose a problem, I felt better to appreciate the magnificent services offered by this local telephony company.

As I waited my turn, smiling within me, a kind voice interrupted me saying:

“What is your miss shift number?”

I felt so busy! I showed him my file and he took me to an associate.

My eyes grew even brighter when I saw the beautiful smile of Hanan, a young Egyptian woman who filled me with innocent and sincere tears.

Linda Hanan, may God bless your resilience and continuous desires to serve!

We had some issues that kept me there for an hour. However, nothing she could not do.

Now I was hungry. But the level of gratitude that filled my container with endorphins continued and made me feel like I floated.

So I decided: “Today I’m going to give myself the not-so-common treatment of a burger”.

Recalling my childhood days, I walked to the restoranes area in the Mall of the Emirates

And my endorphin tank overflows!

On the way, I stopped by the snow skiing facilities in Dubai, a desert area that only 30 years ago was ALL ARENA …

Wooowww. ¡Qué criaturas increíbles somos los seres humanos!

Wooowww. What amazing creatures we are humans!

My endorphin tank was already completely full, practically overflowing.

I asked a passerby to please take a picture of this amazing human engineering test… “what miracles we are!” I said inside me, almost crying, seeing this view for a thousand and once, with the same sense of stupor!

I can only see the positives up to the negative!

Mrs. Hunger “woke me up,” so I continued walking, discovering a famous burger shop, famous for being  “healthy”: Shake Shack

The operators, Filipinos for the most part, smiling and cheerful, seemed to me like they were out of a party.  especially because I was endorinada max at this point … and I could only see the kind side of everything.

I went to the gas station with my delicious hamburger with the intention of adding ketchup … and while pressing the corresponding dispenser, SURPRISE!

The ketchup decided to take on a life of its own and splattered me with enormous red enthusiasm.

Laughing at the scene and taking care that my lovely hand-painted dress didn’t dye red, I burst into a laugh, and asked the worried assistant if my dress had gotten dirty.

“No, I don’t get dirty!” he said, diligently taking paper napkins to clean up “disaster.”

Happier than ever, the endorfiinzante condition of my brain continued to be  “on my side” . producing more and more endorphins, sending me into a magical state, making me feel like I was floating.

As I looked at the table and my arm stained with this red sauce,  I continued to laugh, imagining the scene … also because my dress had been saved,

Thanking the three Filipinos who had now come to help me, I proceeded to finally soothe my stomach and satisfy my appetite.

As I did so, I saw three children who had probably come to the movies alone.

One of them seemed to have no money to buy something to eat, so I was just looking at the other two savoring their fries.

I kept watching in the hope that his inquisitive gaze would soften the other two who seemed to have no intention of sharing, much more because the younger of the three did not seem to have the value  order

At that moment, I saw how they finally offered him ONE piece.

I felt relief. However, seeing the face of “I am still hungry” of my new friend (although he did not know …),  I felt the need to do something without embarrassing it.

I went to see one of the Filipinos who had helped me minutes earlier, telling her the story …

Without saying a word, he went to the counter and pulled out a small ration of chips.

The three boys were already leaving the place … however, she went after them and gave this young man the precious still smoky potatoes.

I could see from my table how the child at first was reluctant to take them … but, to my delight, he finally took them, making us all so happy!

Ahhhhh… more endorphins sprouted into my system when I felt intense joy and relief.

Without waiting a second, I wiped my hands and walked over the manager, opening my arms to hug her.

“Wow! Thank you so much for what you just did !! “I said we both husned.

Naturally and warmly we embraced with such a happy hug, that the rest of the staff was also naturally peppered with happiness, just like a few minutes before  the ketchup will splash me with redness …

I just felt how you were suffering, so I did something about it … ,” Angie said sincerely

Surprised by her kind answer, she gave me no time to comment, saying:

I know how that child feels because I grew up like this, having nothing,” Angie said.

I hugged her again, telling her how I had been moved by the way she took steps to RELIEVE MY PENA!

She put me first, and then the little boy … and finally herself, satisfying her joy at serving others … how could it be possible?

My mind quickly returned to the scene where the Ketchup Attack got me instant allies. I realized that Angie had seen the scene and had rejoiced in my vibrant positive reaction.

Then, being attracted to my humor and positivity, she was simply “paying the price of what she was enjoying having acts of kindness with others.

Ahhhh… literamlally bursting in happiness, I asked for a selfie photo, including the 2-3 attendees around us.

Happiness intensified, suddenly other assistants appeared who wanted to be in the picture.

I started distributing my happiness stickers with such joy, when I heard “I also want a!” everywhere.

I’m glad to share those stickers, so I went into my bag to get more.

Angie summoned us all to stand in front of the counter to include colleagues behind the counter.

Inclusiveness… Ahhh…

Now, a Russian diner who had also spread happiness,  offered to take the picture so that we could all be a part of it.

And that’s when I started singing at full lungs, as they followed me as they could:

Be happy and stay happy, no matter what, whatever happens, WHATEVER YOU PASEEEE!

I asked the customer to please take a video… that I can now share with you… yeyyy!!   All showing cheerful their stickers with the message “Decide to be happy and keep you happy no matter what!

>Angie on my right with fully open arms … stickers on your hands

With that glitter no matter what happens in her eyes and open arms in total inclusivity, Angie gave me more than she can ever imagine.

A thousand thanks Angie

Spreading Happiness!

Feeling so happy, I had to continue this party, so I called my friends to continue the celebration, infecting more and more…

Can you come with us?/em>

And so, the celebration continued …


My only way to pay the price for so much joy is to share with you my experiences, hoping it will serve you to provoke your happiness too.

At this point, I don’t know how many of you will have time to read this experience to the end. However, if it is only you, and you will smile and feel that it is gratitude that guides us on the path to health, wealth and well-being, that will be enough for me to feel satisfied.

Contgy happiness one smile at a time.

Now you’ll want to smile, endorsinizing your body, becoming contagious… being part of the explosion of happiness that is the path to world peace.

How can you stay happy?

Many times people have told me how in times of confusion they wonder:

what does Gloria do to stay happy?“.

… remembering an experience we live together, finding relief on their way to action.

A key is to know that the feeling of contraction is part of happiness.

It’s in the way you see the challenges where you’ll find your sweet comfort. That safe space where you can just be and relax.

Happiness is the art of being grateful, especially in times of challenges.

Just continue to be grateful for everything you have and you will train your brain to give the order to produce endorphins constantly… keeping you happy spontaneously and naturally.

So you choose?

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or a challenging day, decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what.

You’ll be glad you did.

See you on March 1!

With more encouraging experiences that will endorse you and me!



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