Be Happy, Stay Happy … Whatever Happens!

I have been asked many times how it can be possible to be happy in difficult times. “You can’t just sit back and laugh when your best friend is in the hospital or just lost your home in a tsunami! ”


In order to be sure that we are talking about the same thing, let’s define what happiness is not:


Happiness is not the ability to always be smiling, without any problem, making jokes and having everything the heart desires.


Happiness is the deepest form of gratitude. If you thank God for what you have at all times, no matter what, and you are aligned with the Source, you will automatically be living in unconditional love. And this will lead you directly to happiness and full bliss.


Let’s go back to your best friend who’s in the hospital; yes, let us focus on thanking God for the existence of competent doctors who are treating him rather than focusing on the ‘unfortunate’ situation he finds himself in. Now you will be  able to smile and send the comforting distress message to your friend. Now you’re really being helpful, without negatively influencing your recovery by showing a worrying situation.


If your home got lost in the tsunami and you focus on the fact that they’re alive and that you may have a chance to help others, you won’t really feel in a situation  ” deplorable”; While helping others, feeling useful, by thanking the Creator, you will feel a sense of comfort. and you can be lucid to help more people.   Your positive mental attitude will take care of everything!


If we take into account challenges such as opportunities that fertilize us (remember the smell of natural fertilizer is not exactly pleasant), its unpleasant smell will not be an obstacle. When you ‘smell the bad smell’ you will know that it is only the representation of a temporary, transient ‘malaise’, which will always lead you to a learning and growth experience.


Living in the mystical, wonderful and magical country that is Lebanon, day by day I learned to be more and more grateful… and so, my level of gratitude increased until it began to overflow. it was then that Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the now writes to me… and is published on 7.11.13…


Lebanon has experienced a very long and cruel civil war. Now, its residents have a clear idea of what service to others and persistence is. They know how to thank God every second, knowing that their lives can change in a second. So really ‘there’s no choice’ than to enjoy the moment. As a family, enjoying delicious dishes, endosing beautiful outfits, living alive…


Once you feel like taking full responsibility for your actions, sailing on the boat of unconditional love in the Waters of Gratitude, you will also be able to decide to be happy and stay happy, no matter what!


Welcome to the explosion of happiness! The more we infect this bliss, the more peace will be granted to our beautiful planet and beyond.


I’ll be very happy if you’ll join me on this place! Thus we can all return to our natural state: happy, confident, serving others while having a deep fun…


Together we are more. Walk…


Decide ser feliz pase lo que pase

It’s up to you!!!