Impeccable language, the power of the word

As I walk in the mornings On the streets of my Lebanon It's safe for a person or two to say hello With sweet words that my day will rejoice   "Sabah al khayr ya Ruhi, " says the Lady who sweeps her balcony "May there be well-being in your morning, my soul" "Taqubrini!" says the taxi driver to his little "I hope I die before you to avoid me the pain of not having you..."   I … [Read more...]

Impeccable Language in your Actions and Thoughts

Remember, you're what you think. Gautama Buddha said: "What we think, we become." With the power of visualizations and affirmations you can flip any negative situation into a positive one, especially if you base your actions on unconditional love! For example, imagine that your mind is a blender; see how you decide which ingredients to use in your smoothness... Would you throw mud (negative … [Read more...]

Impeccable language. There is no but that is worth!

  Immense power of the word. To be impeccable with your words is not to use them against yourself and against others.   Let us become aware of what happens when in the midst of a situation of complacency we insert the word "Pero" .   When we say the place is beautiful " pero"... we are giving prominence or focus on the negative; we're giving him a choice; we insert the doubt, … [Read more...]