I appreciate myself daily


Maybe this is one of the hardest principles to come by. We care too much as our neighbour thinks, that we are criticized, that they understand us badly… and then we prefer to sacrifice our ideals, our plans, thinking that if we commit, we will be accepted more easily…


But I think this is the best way to betray us. Instead of appreciating each other, we criticize each other… and at the end of the day, we will be frustrated, drowned, wanting to yell at our neighbour. the beginning of the end.


Apréciate diariamente

Learn daily


If on the other hand you feel appreciation for everything you do, you appreciate your nose, your mouth, your hands, your body; you appreciate your talents and develop them, you’ll start to get more creative. You will feel important… you will have decided what YOU want to do. Maybe at first you feel lonely because most people  are used to compromising what they want to do to be accepted… You feel a total appreciation… unconditional love for yourself…

Keep walking with your forehead high believing in you, admiring yourself as the daughter/son of the Creator you are. and as if by charm, you will feel a love for yourself so great, that you will begin to see that everyone is good and that everything is as it has to be…


And when they ask you, saying, “Hello, how are you?”, you can GENUINELY AND SINCERELY answer: “Perfect, and so do you!!!”


Ahhhh… what happiness….

Thank my God


I Admire Myself Daily

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