Brenda Iara Younes – workshop assessment

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this withdrawal?  8


  If it wasn’t 10, what would it take for it to be?

Personally I think it’s short for what it has to offer.

              What did you learn?

I learned to appreciate the moments we took in vain. I learned to appreciate the gifts God has given me, for which I never thanked him. I learned to celebrate the happiness of others because it increases my own happiness. I learned that I am perfect, as I am, with all my beautiful imperfections. I learned to get over yesterday and not fear tomorrow. I learned to see the way back to my peace, my happiness and my essence.

What contribution do you think you can make as a result of what you learned?

Just be and let it be…


Did this workshop help you in any specific way? How?


yes, sure. He helped me find words to name old feelings and thoughts that weighed on me. It helps me to know that I can be that person I was before allowing the negativity of the world around me to live in my thoughts.

You decided to be Happy and Stay Happy WHAT HAPPENS,  and how will you take immediate action?

I took a first step, and I think we’ll have to start somewhere, right?

Thank you! United we are more!

Be Happy and Stay Happy, Pass What’s Pass !!!

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