Connect Breathing

“And as I listen to the majestic sound of my own breath, I simply know that it is our Creator who is breathing us all at this very moment, and that we are all breathing, no matter where in the world, day or night, the SAME air.

And being aware that all beings that inhabit the planet are breathing the same air at the same time, I feel accompanied… never again alone.

Decide ser feliz pase lo que pase

It’s up to you!!!


How to feel lonely or lonely?


Just SE that I am part of the whole, never alone, never separated… Ahhhhh…


So I relax my shoulders, and I say to myself:

Breathe love, peace expires

Breathe in love, and breathe out peace

Breathe love, peace expires

Breathe peace, health expires

Breathe in health, expires

Breathe joy and express gratitude…


I feel gratitude in every square inch of my body

And as I inhale again, I feel my cello smile

And while my whole being smiles in total ecstasy

I simply share my happiness TO ALL PULMON!

Be happy

Be Happy

And keep Felíz


Spiritual orgasms.

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