Dare to be yourself

I still remember that cold winter’s day, when we went to visit my sister and my niece in the village of Neuss, Germany. As usual, I came out before sunrise while everyone was still asleep. How pleased I felt the cold of the cool wind on my face, a fantastic contrast with the sometimes excessive heat of the housing heating.


With great joy I felt the huge trees calling me. Ahhh. It was an amazing thing. What majesty! Trees that could speak would tell us sensational stories about the life of Germany from the past years. I kept walking among nature and suddenly came across some ancient ruins. Ahhh!!! If only they could talk! Right in front of those ruins was a kindergarten, a Kinder. What a wonderful privilege to be able to meet with other children and feel the enormous positive energy that these centuries-old trees lay down. My imagination flew into the past and I clearly felt like I was in medieval Germany.

A squirrel interrupted my thoughts as I ran in front of me and jumped toward Mr. Tree right in front of me. Was it a personal invitation?

Suddenly I remembered that I needed to get back before our children woke up. With almost nostalgia I remembered the delicious Mexican breakfast Yolanda had received us with the day before.   The flavors of childhood… What magic!


So dreaming of our mother’s dishes, I’m going back to my sister’s house. What was my surprise as I passed through a bakery… Ahhhh. Wonderful smells. Breads of a thousand flavors! The selection was awesome! It was a festive season, so there were little gingerbreads of all sizes. I couldn’t resist the temptation to take pictures of those artistic gastronomic wonders!

The irresistible scent of freshly baked bread was freaking out my senses. I got more and more water as I passed every second!!

“Ayyyy. It’s better to have breakfast with others,” I thought as I felt the immense desire to try at least one of those delights.

“It matters! You can have breakfast twice! They’ll probably still be asleep,” I said. So I ordered bread and pastries like a regiment while they made me my bolillo with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and butter. I also asked for a puff pastry bowl.

Ayyyyy! How long awaits my turn! It finally was my turn to ask for my craving. How grateful I thanked God for that privilege!! Yummm yummmmm!! I never drink coffee, but that morning, feeling the presence of my lovely mother and granny, I ordered lattes.

Ahhhhhh. What a delight! My five exalted senses, I went to sit next to a lady who seemed to be angry with life. I smiled at him, wishing him love and health, and I’ll put my tray on the table.

The view outwards was wonderful. Christmas trees everywhere in the central square of Neuss. Ahhh. What a beauty. Take a picture of my culinary treasure and the exterior view, I thanked God, and I gladly bit my sandwich.


Ahhhhh… What a spiritual and gastronomic orgasm! Wowww!!! What a privilege! I started with the ham and cheese cake. Crispy bread… Succulent… Fresh… delicious, was unraveling in my mouth in a symphony of flavors. What butter! Divine delight … I chewed slowly by closing my eyes as I watched in my mind the baker who got up too early so that I could delight in this way in the early hours of the morning. Ayyyy…. How to thank you enough?



And the attack of gratitude continued. Now I was thinking of the farmer who cared for the cows that produced so magical butter! And the carrier that led her to the market, and the cashier I charged, and…

Countless people passed by so that I could be part of this intense and wonderful dream. I closed my eyes again, feeling my beloved husband Ibrahim, delighted to see me so happy, also to enjoy his coffee and cake on another continent physically, but with me in spirit.

I felt the lady next to me look strange. “What will be happening to this lady? Why will she be closing her eyes and smiling with herself?”

I really didn’t want to talk to anyone. This moment was my moment. My spiritual orgasm. My intense gratitude that was purifying me…


Amazing… enter an ordinary cafeteria and I end up in a moment of ecstasy, in an unreal world: the world of the ordinary that is really extraordinary, if we only have the courage to see it as such…


Really, happiness depends simply on how we see life.


A simple act, like to savour a little body, can be a huge source of happiness, if we only decide. As my Mama would say, what a wonderful vine!!


Spiritual Orgasms. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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