Droplets of Happiness: The Complete Program

The Workshop Decide to Be Happy and Keep Happy WHAT HAPPENS in Happy Droplets: Monday and Thursday (NOT FRIDAY), in short videos.
Gota a Gota se compone el Océano. Asi, gotita a gotita de felicidad, sorbito a sorbito, llegamos a la plenitud y paz interior...

Drop to Drop is composed of the Ocean. So, drop to drop of happiness, sip to sip, we come to fullness and inner peace…

Visualize your project, sign it, believe in the   and watch it just manifest!


The publication of Spiritual Orgasms in Spanish is proof of this; ” Happy Gotitas” is born as a tribute to faith… for  share with you the essence of life: unconditional love first for yourself, therefore also for others.


It will be fantastic to bring them smiles twice a week that will provoke your smile, and so you, smiling, will provoke more smiles.


And so, smile  by smile, we will live in peace and harmony infecting everyone!!
Thank you for sharing your comments and droplets. Together we are more!
Pillar 1: Take 100% Responsibility for My Happiness and Welfare
Impeccable Language
-10.10.13  Substitute lament for appreciating
-14.10.13 Replace Critical for Listening
-17.10.13 Replace fault for celebration
-21.10.13 If you can!
-24.10.13 The Er occurring does not exist
-28.10.13 What if? The best way to pollute your day
-31.10.13 What do I deal if I can DO it?
-4.11.13 Talking to me with respect
-7.11.13 I appreciate myself daily.
-11.11.13 Don’t give me yours, I admire
-14.11.13 One step at a time
-18.11.13 My mistakes are my lessons
-21.11.13 I hear myself!
-25.11.13 Speaking with respect to others
-28.11.13 Tolerance
-2.12.13 Gratitude
-5.12.13 Humility
-9.12.13 Listening!
-12.12.13 Sorry
6.1.14 Pillar 2: Aligning with my Creator
Own Love (now that I’ve learned to accept myself as I am)
-9.1.14 I get up with the sun thanking the new day
-13.1.14 Thank you lists
   -what I appreciate
   -what I admire
   -what I’ll do today to get closer to my dream
-16.1.14 Leo inspirational material
-20.1.14 I dedicate the first hour of the day  (power-hour)
   -20 minutes reading inspirations
   -20 minutes to oxygenate my body
   -20 minutes write to a journal
Meditation, Yoga, Breathing, etc.
-Get up at 5 am
-Apply my power-hour
-Get used to meditating in the same place and time.
-27.1.14 I finish what I start
-30.1.14 order in my things
-3.2.14 minimum three days a week I go to the gym (with trainer at least one hour per week)
-6.2.14 leo at least one inspirational book per month
-10.2.14 ingest healthy foods at regular times
-13.1.14 Minimum 6-hour sleepr
-17.2.14 personal toilet
-20.2.14 I see the extraordinary in everything ordinary
-24.2.14 I appreciate everything I have and I don’t focus on what I don’t have
-27.2.14 I connect with my Creator through extreme gratitude
-31.3.14 I love myself very much, as I am, so I want everyone as it is
-3.4.14 I am a divine creature
-6.3.14 I’m light, love, and power
-10.3.14 There is nothing that cannot be, do or have
Pillar 3: I live in the Here and Now
-17.3.14 I’m already happy, I don’t need anything to be so because I’m happiness itself
-20.3.14 I have no problems as I live in the Now
-24.3.14 Problems need time to incubate
-27.3.14 The past (short with everything I believe makes my story)
-31,3.14 The future (never arrives, when it arrives it’s called NOW)
-3.4.14 The challenges God sends me are fertilization moments that “suck” as organic fertilizer
-7.4.14 I connect with Nature regularly, thanking me and appreciating me as a Creature of God
Pilar 4: Take Action!
Affirmations: some examples
-24.4..14 I am more than I seem to be, all the power of the Universe resides in my
-28.4.14 I am an instrument of peace in the hands of the Creator
 -1.5.14 All my mind can conceive and believe, my mind can achieve
-5.5.14 I’m light, I’m power, I’m love
The power of the visualization
– 12.5.14 Four examples of visualizations made come true
-15.5.14   The book in Spanish (I visualized it in April for 4.8.13 in Mexico. It was in August, but on 23.8.13 and in Spain.. WOWW!
-19.5.14 I learned Japanese in 11 months- self-funded… 21 anios
-22.5.14 I sickened my body when in my childhood I self-abused; Waters! Negative visualizations also come true!
-26.5.14 I healed from the epilepsy that my lack of self-love had created for me.
I make an action plan 
Based on the statement in my decree:
-1.6.14 that five things I’ll do every day?
-5.6.14 thank you lists
-8.6.14 past hit lists
-12.6.14 lists of people I appreciate
-15.5.14 to thank or appreciate five people daily (still unknown)

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