Essential principles


“Essential part of my happiness was the application of three principles:

  • Apply the gold law (treat others as you want to be treated)
  • Give my best (without feeling any burden because I was being guided by the passion of my life)
  • Just have faith, without question.


So, walking, I realized that there were a myriad of people who had not been the same at my best: they were children of violent parents or lived in conditions of extreme poverty, etc., making it difficult for these people to decide ALLOW that happiness only flowed.


How can someone be happy, or even feel identified with this idea, if since birth you have seen nothing but aggressive and violent problems and words?

But… If you vividly observe Mother Nature and its absolute perfection, you come gently and deeply to the conviction that everything is perfect as it is… we come to the conclusion that we too, are children of God.


We are light,1526633_10153617381580587_2118695204_n

we are Love,

we are Power,

we’re perfect,

created in abundance,


light and love.




The absolute faith that plants and animals that inhabit the earth naturally adapt to any circumstance at all times is absolute proof that we are all Love, we are all Light, we are all Infinite Power, we are all One.”


“Spiritual orgasms”. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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