Feel gratitude for food

Next time you enjoy a meal, whether at home or at a restaurant, PAUSA, and again, PAUSA.

Take yourself alone, so you can enjoy the moment at your own pace, feeling the vibration of the Moment.

When your plate reaches your table, say:

“How privileged I am, I have this wonderful delight to be palated while I feed my body, a gift from God, which allows me to be alive in this mortal life; the ingredients needed to prepare this food were harvested by someone perhaps under the rain, or under a blazing sun. Then someone put them in a truck, bearing the enormous weight of each lump. And someone, perhaps without sleeping all night, brought the vegetables to the grocery market, where then, another driver, brought them to the nearest supermarket… and I stand here, in front of this feast, sitting, enjoying in peace and quiet this divine gift…”

Take your time. Appreciate the aroma, the texture, the taste. Chew slowly, thanking your digestive system so perfect that it knows what to do so that you not only delight in the flavor, but also feed on the vitamins and minerals contained in this delicacy.

Feel gratitude boiling in your veins as the flavors take you to a feast of emotions… feel that happiness, which grows as you enjoy it…

Congratulations! You’re causing a culinary miracle… you feel happy, amazed, grateful…


Good Profit!


Spiritual Orgasms. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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