Feeling that loss or distance is an illusion.

When someone is physically away from you, and you feel their presence, it tells you something inside you: “IT EXRAO?”


Close your eyes and talk to yourself.

Can you feel like that person, maybe your child or your life partner is feeling you at the time? In the same way, when someone leaves their body, it doesn’t mean they’re gone.

It really just means they left their body.


It’s in you to let them continue to be, because your ancestors/descendants are in you, within you, PART OF YOU.


Celebrate your life, and you won’t have to miss them anymore… feels, without thinking…

To feel that there is neither lost nor distance, we all remain united and linked and we can feel in this union.

Feeling the gratitude and happiness of being part of the same soup.

Thank you!!

somos uno





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