Happiness is contagious … let yourself be contagious and soon you will also be infecting someone else!

What a pleasure it is every time

I’m on a plane to Lebanon.

And when I get to feel that my joy

Dance and jump in my heart with singular algarabía


The Mother, the Father, Grandma, Grandpa

Everyone starts crying when their loved ones see them coming

They kiss his hand, and then his forehead

And Grandma cries with joy while maintaining a non-indifferent smile…


Balloons, smiles, hugs and kisses

Between colorful flowers and beautiful dresses

Habibi, hayatii, ayunii anta*

A million warm words envelop you like a mantra…


Lubnan, Lebanon, Lebanon, Lebanese

Whatever you pronounce it, it doesn’t matter

This magical, mystical, wonderful

Lebanon That I adore him, I do not doubt a single Second…


*My love, my life, my eyes


Aeropuerto en beirut


Spiritual Orgasms. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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