Impeccable language, the power of the word

As I walk in the mornings

On the streets of my Lebanon

It’s safe for a person or two to say hello

With sweet words that my day will rejoice


“Sabah al khayr ya Ruhi, ” says the Lady who sweeps her balcony

“May there be well-being in your morning, my soul”

“Taqubrini!” says the taxi driver to his little

“I hope I die before you to avoid me the pain of not having you…”


I continue my heavenly journey

And a couple of students go respectful

With a big smile aimed at me they say:

“Alla Maaki,” may God be with you


“Ruhi wa tiji bi Salamah, ” says the mother

To the daughter you’re about to go to school

“Go and come back in peace,” says the mother

As she kisses and hugs her daughter in the freshness of the morning.



Impeccable… the language of Nature… listen and imitate..


How important it is to use only impeccable language! The power of the word is so intense! It is essential to have a very clear notion about it.


Spiritual orgasms. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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