Regret or Appreciate?

El sol siempre esta presente, aunque haya nubes que lo cubran...aprécialo en cada respiro... ahhhhh

The sun is always present, even if there are clouds that cover it… appreon it to every breath… Ahhhhh!!!

Dubai, October 7, 2013

Regret or Appreciate?


From the series Happiness Drops, how to take 100% responsibility for your health and well-being;




When you lament, you relive past moments that cause feelings of contraction. You bring back those images of events that you’d like to forget, but instead of pushing them away, you attract them, becoming your own cell.


If you see the positive side of the event instead, you’ll turn it into a lesson that will help you bring positive images to your reality, making you feel good. And in that window of ‘I feel good‘, be trained to appreciate and appreciate others.


You’ll notice a shocking change in your life if you meticulously and with a lot of awareness  choose to appreciate rather than regret it.


Take action now! Dare to live!!


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