Let your children be

“I went back to those fantastic, colorful days when my two little angels were still babies, then children, later teenagers, and now young adults 18 and 19 years old.


How interesting it is to return to those days after having become more aware of how beautiful life is on this wonderful planet that we have the enormous privilege of living.


Now I’m very relaxed about the choices I made when I was guiding my little teachers. Although sometimes I’m still tempted to say, “I wish and done this or that or that other way back then.”


Now it’s very clear to me that, at the time, I made that decision because I thought it was the right thing to do. What I did was guided by my mother’s love, which is what really matters.


Love guided me to explore ever more and more within me, following the beautiful path of just letting ourselves be carried away by the current, having the most fun while creating a sense of expansion through discipline and service to others.


The most important question for me was always: Are you happy? The answer to this question was the number one guide that led me to education for my children.”


Our Children

Spiritual orgasms.

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