Listen to your body

While swimming in the Mediterranean Sea on a spring day, I was particularly inspired by the spectacle offered by the clouds, while the mountains seemed to sing to me at a personal concert: “We are alive thanks to the sound of ancestral music!”

gloriaIt had been two months since a pain in my right leg first appeared. This happened only in the evenings; [amp;nbsp;sometimes the pain would wake me up, to disappear completely during the day. Visit the physical therapist for several sessions, but in reality, the pain didn’t give way, so stop going. The pain was now my faithful companion every night…

Wanting to do more research on the origin of this pain, I had a study called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), through which it was possible to see the nerves in my spine. it seemed that the cartilage between the vertebrae of my lower spine had worn out a little, producing that pain.

That morning, as I swam in the waters of Gratitude, as usual, I began to thank my body in every stroke. Swimming vertically, so that I can keep my spine upright and feel the energy enter through the crest of my head and go out towards our Mother Earth through my feet, I began to feel more and more chills of joy. Gratitude. Ahhhhh. What a revelation!

Tears of ecstasy were poking in my eyes, when I suddenly heard an inner voice saying to me, “Glory, lose a kilogram of weight; you’re too heavy for your legs.”

I just felt my inner answer: “Okay, that’s what I’m going to do. Thank you for guiding me.”

It was a very natural and supernatural thing at the same time. I continued to swim even more gratefully but no longer with those tears of joy that they intended to bring me to a quieter state. now I was WATER  while swimming, totally sure that everything was as it had to be: perfect.

Immediately I began to follow my inner voice, asking for me to eat and how much. It was the most wonderful thing, to be so in touch with my body. To my surprise, because I was not surprised, in less than a week I weighed a kilo less, and AS FOR MAGIA ART, my leg never bothered my quiet sleep again.

The power of the mind is limitless. If we intend to be in connection and harmony with ourselves, loving ourselves as we are (and this is very easy if we recognize that our body is divine “property”. we were given to be in the Feast that is this Life), we will be happiness itself, sharing it spontaneously and generously.

Thank you my God!

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