Live in the now

Problems can survive only in the past or in the future; they die in the Now. Immerse yourself in Gratitude and Compassion as you enjoy Here and the Now. Surrender…


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine you’re going back to the day you were born. Visualize how you could inhale through your nostrils into the ambient air, separating oxygen from carbon dioxide so harmful to your body. Visualize how your lungs took that oxygen and sent it to the heart, who in turn sent it to the heart, which in turn sent it into the bloodstream, oxygenating your entire body in an absolutely MIRACULOUS way.


El mejor momento para vivir , es el Ahora.

The best time to live, is the Now.


Ask yourself: how did you know how to breathe so perfectly? Who’s breathing you?


Feel the connection with your perfect body, a unique gift for you from our Creator.


Live every beating of your heart… listen to every beat… feel like the bloodstream carries oxygen to every part of your body… thank you… Feel that immense feeling of respect for that your body that God gave you so that you could roam this Mother Earth. feel, listen, watch, smell, taste your saliva… stay in the connection that gives you to be present in each of your moments… Vibrates… free, feel that wonderful peace.

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