Love Yourself First

Every day, when I wake up before the sun rises, while the night is still sovereign and in the distance I hear the singing of the rooster, I thank the Creator immensely for the privilege of a new day.


I agree with Mr. Gallo’s passion, and I feel amazed to feel so close to it!   My second prayer of gratitude is addressed to my Lady Mother, the author of my days.   He took care of me, fed me the best foods I could find, preparing my favorite dishes personally, always adding three or four pinches of Love.

He stroked me and scolded me.   Even if he didn’t understand it then, he really took care of me.   Now I thank you immensely because thanks to all the love you poured into me, I realized that I am a person worthy of being loved and loving.


I honor my body, exactly as it is.   I thank God for my talents, who are at the service of my fellowmen, while I am being guided in total faith.  I eat alone and exclusively healthy foods, and I vehemently respect the water I drink. I exercise regularly to keep my  “Ferrari”, not forgetting to take breaks to rest; when I’m in the gym, I focus on the muscle I’m working on and thank you for your constant services… and I sleep enough hours to replenish my energies. It is an infinitely beautiful feeling to thank and appreciate the vehicle God gave me so that I can be a part of this earthly life.



Mimando mi cuerpo


Every day, before the coming out of the Sun Lord, and having meditated, talking to myself, I walk in the Lebanese Nature that I love so much. If I find myself in a city, I walk between the buildings and connect with the trees and the people, smiling at them as I pass.


It is very clear to me that if I love myself first, then I can love others spontaneously and effortlessly. If I am true to myself first, and NEVER,  and under no circumstances do I commit my ideals or my dreams, I will live in peace, integrity and harmony, and I will be happy, and I will be happy,  PASE WHAT HAPPENS.

What a prick vine!


Spiritual Orgasms.   Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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