One Step at a Time


Patience and celebration on the way…


How many times have you been obfuscated because there’s so much to do, and there’s not time in the world that catches up with you to finish what you started?


Breathe… breathe again and stay in the present moment. Forget everything and just feel like you breathe… listen to the sound caused by the ingress of air into your system, exhaling carbon dioxide (my respects to those who did all the research about how we breathe, and that we breathe… what patience not?)


Ready? Well, now imagine you’re in a marathon. 42 kms. And you’re just going out. Can you finish the marathon in ten steps? Impossible… unless, of course, you do it on a plane…


Avanzar paso a paso

Step-by-step forward

If you look, it’s not the 42 kms. those that cause your obfuscation, but rather YOUR ALLOWING THE PICTURE OF THE LENGTHS 42 KMMETERS in your mind… you’re causing it to stay in the morning… and not in the now…


Try it the next time you start to feel frustrated. Take small steps, and celebrate them… if it’s 10,000 steps, celebrate 10,000 times. Not only will you feel better, but you will also be being grateful to our Creator… and this will generate more and more successes.



A Step at a Time

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