Substitute Guilt for Celebration

When you’re going through a tough time, what decision do you make? Do you worry and feel pressured? Or breathe, appreciate what you have and celebrate your life gratefully?


Do you feel guilty about celebrating when you have a family member having a hard time?

respira y agradece lo que tienes.

breathe and appreciate what you have.


This is the time to show you how grateful you are to life: if you get out of your way and don’t get in the way, you’ll be able to celebrate your every moment and SEND him in your prayer and intent on that joy to your friend in stress.


You must have contributed to his improvement. What a great reason for celebration!!


If on the contrary you decide to feel overwhelmed thinking about how badly you are happening, that burden will also come to you… both will feel tense and no one will have won anything.


Think about it, and decide to be happy no matter what!!!


CELEBRATE, NO MATTER WHAT! It is the best way to thank God and help others.



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