Replace the negative with the constructive

happiestgloriactive images that make you feel in an expansion state; replaces the negative with the constructive:




What if…? —– that’s right!

But… —— … And

I try ——— I do it!!

I can’t —- I can!

I had to—– I will.

I should!—— I could…

I have to—- I want to…




Visualizations and affirmations are a great way to help your brain form new habits, automatically leaving old and harmful habits behind.

The following are examples of visualizations that you can repeat daily before bedtime and wake-up.


I am more than it seems to be, all the strength and power of the universe are within me!


What your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve. (Napoleon Hill).


Nothing to do, no side to go to, just YES…


I sail in the waters of Gratitude on the ship of Unconditional Love guided by Captain Compassion Forgiveness-Gentile.


I am perfect as I am, as well as flowers, seas and all Creation.


I am Light, Love and Power.

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