Self-Permission and Its Power


allow gratitute


When you were little and didn’t give you permission to eat that ice cream on a cold day, what did you feel?




Or when you later asked permission to go out with the groom and they denied it to you, what did you feel?




And now that you have the ability to be an adult to decide what you want or don’t want to do, and you ask permission to see that dream come true, and you don’t give yourself that permission, what do you feel?




What are you saying? That you’re not the one who decides? What is society, government, lack of resources?


Are you sure? Aren’t you the one who decides? Are you tied to your feet and hands because of the situation?


What if I told you it doesn’t have to be like this? And if I told you that if there’s a way to enjoy a life without stress, be able to buy that ice cream and go hand in hand on the beach or in the woods with the love of your life?


It’s called GRATITUDE.


When you allow the heat of the sun to make you feel agradecid@, your cells expand and allow you to feel a sense of well-being… Ahhhh….


When you allow the sweetness of your mother’s face to make you feel agradecid@, your breathing becomes more fluid, allowing your body to receive the Flow of the Universe, that energy that feeds you and brings you closer and closer to the realization of your dreams…


When you allow the image you see in the mirror to tell you perfection in performing the miracle that are your eyes, the wonder that is your ability to hear, to see, to taste… to appreciate the miracle that is that body, that vehicle that was given to you by the Creator/ Creator. You feel a desire to shout I’m HAPPY!!!


Allow it! Allow that feeling of relief, of respite, of well-being seize you….


Allow it!  Again and again, starting only by the warmth of the sun, the sweetness of your mother’s face… The love for the miracle of that body that allows you to be a terrestrial with the ability to love, to smile, to share…


Allow it!  And the Universe will send you more and more Permission to Be…


Be the happiness you already are and you will always be if you just allow it.


One Smile at a time. In your wake. When you decide.


Now. Right now. If not now, when?


Decide now! Just do it! It is the best service you can do to humanity, because happiness is contagious.

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