Guided Meditations with Glory


Meditation is like plugging into the internet of the universe. It is the most effective way to nourish our spirit.


So while we are connected we can make requests or thank for what we feel that benefits our environment. We can thank you for our health, send you solutions and peace visualizations that help a family member or friend in a delicate situation. We can send compassion to unbalanced beings who cause suffering in others and/or appreciate the goodness of our planet, visualizing a general awareness of love for our Mother Earth.


We are all linked by this network of cosmic plasma that benefits us as well and also has a positive impact on our environment and vice versa.


When we offer love and gratitude we are more rewarded. It’s great!


We propose to follow the meditation together on the last Friday of each month, starting this next Friday 4.10.13, with a specific intention. If you have a personal intention in mind, just let us know the topic and we will gladly prepare a meditation aimed at your intention. Write to:


This is the place from which Columbus sailed... he truly never negotiated with his dreams...what an inspiration...



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