The happiness is inside us

I have been very fortunate to have awakened to the reality that happiness is within us, thanks to a single event: the only presence of my dear father, upon entering my room in the hospital, with evidence that in reality, SI I WANTED.

During the fourteen years before this event, I was convinced that I was not wanted at all, having confused the strictness of my parents with a lack of love.


As I lay on my hospital bed, my father enters with a gift for mi: my favorite grape juice, imported from the United States. AND A LAGRIMA IN YOUR EYES. At that very moment I dropped the blindfold and I understood that if they wanted me!  All that unhappiness had been a creation of my mind. All those years of thinking that I was nobody, that I was worth no dust, had been created by my mind. I understood it now, and decidí at that time HAVE NO OTHER OPTION MORE THAN being feliíz and keep me shaving no matter what!


Thus, I continued to walk cheerfully the trajectory of my life, sometimes falling to rise even more triumphant, sometimes encountering much more daring dreams than my mind could ever have made; essential part of my happiness was the application of three principles:

-Apply the law of gold (treat others as you want to be treated)

-Give my best (without feeling any burden because I was being guided by the passion of my life)

-Just having faith, without question.

So, walking, I realized that there were a myriad of people who had not been the same at my best: they were children of violent parents or lived in conditions of extreme poverty, etc., making it difficult for these people to decide ALLOW that happiness only flowed.

Decidir ser felíz y mantenerse felíz PASE LO QUE PASE es el camino más corto a sentirte en contacto con tu Orígen, en total armonía y gratitud.

Deciding to be happy and to stay happy WHAT happens is the shortest way to feel in touch with your Origin, in total harmony and gratitude.

Spiritual Orgasms. Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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