Welfare; our natural state

Return to Your Natural State: Welfare.


Years ago, when I was not yet aware of my true Self

Stressed, sick and worried she used to always be

Believing that alone in the corner, that was my place

Sicker and weaker I became, the worse I couldn’t live

Suddenly a person sent by God came into my life

A very well-prepared and very natural parapsychologist

He told me that from my “incurable” illness I knew

That surely the power of my mind of this would cure me

My soul believed him so deeply that resting could

Very grateful to be learning to open the Door of Truth

And from that magical day and without delay

Every day the process of my self-healing practiced


Every morning and of course also before bed

With all my love and patience my body over and over again I visited

Telling my dear feet how healthy they are

Doing this with every part of my body, from head to foot

“Every day I’m better and better” With taste and excitement to me

Same diary I was like, “You’re getting better and better every day.”

My own body would now automatically answer me.


What magic, what enthusiasm, how glad I felt!

My body was responding even though my medication no longer I decided

My life was now much brighter and my smile almost always present

The only Believe had certainly brought me here!

Oh! My medical checkup with my mother was

To fit all those wires in my head without being able to run away

The encephalogram to my relief doctor in large proportion gave him

“Let’s now reduce the medicines, this is a miracle of God!”

Fearing my mother but bravely also

I confessed that the chemicals did weeks ago discarded

“If so my dear Gloria, then with joy I come to the conclusion


That this atrocious disease is now only an illusion!”

Oh, what joy, what gratitude, what this revelation was!

Knowing that we are all born with the divine talent that God gave us

To self-heal only with the power of our thoughts

By allowing only positive and loving images in our minds!

So the next time you feel unprotected or sick

Consider what thoughts you harbor in your consciousness

Compassionately and without resistance just tell your Self


“I am Light, I am Love, and God is breathing me for sure.”

After forty years of overcoming epilepsy

Now I thank God for going through this controversy

Since now without any proof is so clear to me

May my health, my dreams and my joy depend entirely on me!


Gloria Belender_Ramirez

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