Treat Yourself First My Son

As I watch my children

Develop every day

Issuing your wishes

Living your dreams


I make the importance

Letting them be

To trust his lack of ignorance

Knowing that they are creatures of God



When they were babies

I’m sure it was my duty.

To feed them, to clean them

And give them comfort


If they cried, I would listen to them

And instantly I knew

If they needed my attention

Or if only his lungs needed action


Understanding greatness

The immense miracle they are

There was no room for worries

Although sometimes he let me blind


And so, guided by confusion

Some vece I created

A non-existent problem

One I invented myself


And so, guided by confusion

The perfect solution that always worked

It was to allow me to be happy

To be able to see again


That our children are  Creators

Provided for a Divine Guide

Their own vehicles they must drive

With just a little bit of our help


They came into this world

With his own dreams and magic

It’s only in them.

Deciding how to do them


So with total conviction

And a huge faith

I ask you, my children

Let them please themselves first


No need for them to obfuscat

Thinking about how at all costs Mommy or Daddy please

Strive to be that son that Daddy or Mommy wants you to be

This is simply not your duty!


Understand that in Deep Faith

I vehemently tell you:

Don’t try to be what you think

What Daddy or Mommy wants you to be!

Se tu mismo


If you haven’t already, take the reins of your life NOW… and please yourself first.

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