Unconditional love and tolerance

You can transform any negative situation into a positive one, especially if you base your actions on unconditional love!


For example, imagine that your mind is a blender; see how you decide which ingredients to use in your smoothness…


Don’t mud your blender when preparing your “emotional smoothness”… be aware that only you can decide which ingredients to use in YOUR “blender”!

Love yourself first, so you’ll automatically choose the best ingredients.


And if other people decide to pour ingredients different from their “liquefied”, opt for the optimistic option: be curious to try this new flavor, and if you don’t like it, just don’t take it, without having to judge or criticize negatively… it’s called   TOLERANCE, and it is the key to spiritual freedom, to consciousness..  . what happiness!!!


Now you won’t need to take anything from staff… and you will understand that one’s neighbour is responsible for everyone’s own blender. Not even your loved ones will be able to put in their minds what   YOUR BELIEVE  is the best thought… you will understand that everyone has the sacrosanct right to choose what ideas to put in their mind (ingredients in the blender).

It’s time for you to think about   WHAT INGREDIENTS DO YOU WANT,   FOR YOU,  without feeling that you MUST seek the happiness of others. No one can make anyone happy. It’s like wanting to chew other people’s food… or walk with other people’s feet. You can only chew YOUR food, and walk with YOUR legs… do it, thanking every moment in the Now….

Escoge sólo lo mejor para tu corazón

Choose only the best for your heart

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