Visualize and Done!

I see the kids playing at sea. Without any concern other than the occupation of having fun… And I thank God for allowing me to realize that this is our natural state: the childish state.


Ahhhh. What a delight it is to be who you are and you are. Without needing to be accepted to be. But just living the moment in total thanks, which in automatic leads me to total happiness. Peace. Passion. Fun. Bless you. Creativity. Empathy. Tolerance. Freedom.



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And in that happiness, in which I accept myself as I am, I give my best. I treat others as I would like to be treated, and then I throw a smidgen of FE into the mix, and miracles are produced as if by magic.


I came to Spain with the purpose of spending a mega holiday with my family. The trip would have ended on 22.8 in Barcelona. But I was told that something important would happen in Barcelona related to the book he wrote to me… had seen a few months earlier that the Spanish version would be published in August. In the first stage of my vacation I went to Mexico, thinking that there would be such visualization. But it didn’t happen. So my intuition said to me, “Stay three more days in Barcelona before continuing to Oslo.”


And so it was. My beloved husband, as always, simply nodded and left for the home while I stayed in Barcelona. And the magic actually started dancing.


Francesca, a dreamer I had met on a previous trip to Barcelona, puts me in touch with Miguel when I told him about my visualization.


Who’s Miguel? A CHILD! Yes! A dreamer with the integrity of a child. No masks, and with the tank of overflowing joy and fun!! Ahhhhh!!!


Married to their soul mate, Nuria, they walk through life dreaming, creating, giving… Loving.


And that’s how my story as a Spanish writer begins. Miguel gets, with his faith and magic:


1.- May Spiritual Orgasms be published IN THREE DAYS when all of Spain is on vacation! Wooowww!!


2.- May I spread my purpose of life: to encourage one another to be happy and to remain happy WHAT happens when I invite myself to give a lecture at a magnificent event from 5-8.9,


3. May a video be produced to promote my message by Roberto and Montse, who do so in total fusion with my purpose of life… which is essentially the same as theirs… the link is


4.- Invite me to record on Spanish radio and TV, with the message that moves my passion.


And all this just being CHILDREN! With an incredibly dreamy and sensitive team, we walk hand in hand, asking you to believe in miracles too.


Dare to provoke your reality. YOURS! Your dreams are not negotiable if you only dare to love you and accept yourself as you are, in total gratitude.


Just do it. You won’t regret it.


For my part, in addition to giving intense thanks to the Creator, I thank you Francesca, Miguel and company, Roberto, Montse… for provoking this miracle with his desire to help others. Now all I have left is to share this fact: CREER TO SEE with you…


Un milagro...

Un milagro…estoy de vacaciones y el libro es publicado en español…tal como lo habia visualizado… Gracias Dios mio…


Con su increible inteligencia emocional y sentido de la integridad, Roberto capta con su cámara de una manera única...

Con su increible inteligencia emocional y sentido de la integridad, Roberto capta con su cámara de una manera única…


Gracias a Miguel, persona de extrema generosidad e ingenio... woww.... Namaste

Gracias a Miguel, persona de extrema generosidad e ingenio… woww…. Namaste


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