To visualize is to realize

It’s our first conference on Berne,   we were very excited to appear in public. Being among the huge audience appearing through the curtain in Switzerland.


” . . . Angie relax, and walk four steps After look at me and count stress-free One, two, one- two – three!

And let our message flow from the soul:


Sé Felíz

Manténte Felíz

Whatever Happens



Our message of love and courage we share

Based on past challenges we overcome

Giving permission to those who do not yet recognize

That your success depends only on your own vision


Believe it or not, what I’m going to tell you

It’s nothing new, it’s rather old.

Your story is your choice, and no one but you

You color cheerful or impregnate it with black


Are it riches that you want to achieve?

Or do you want to save humanity?

Take the reins and gallop wherever you want

Without blaming the horse, not the sun, not the night


And once in your heart you recognize

That you’re so much more than you look like you are.

You will recognize the immense power of the Universe

That you also carry inside


Now what you dream of

It will become reality

And what he dreams of you

It will just show up


Gloria Belendez-Ramirez.  Spiritual orgasms

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