What do I want?

The famous writer Napoleon Hill said in his wise book “Think and Become Rich” – What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can do.

Meditate on these words. Repeat several times a day for twenty-one days. Repeat them with passion. Feel them… and now you’ll just know that this is really true.   Now you can feel the power of the word “I want…”?

Just do it. He thinks it’s a fact, and it is! It provokes your reality..


gloria en beirut

At the Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, on the 60th anniversary of the Federation Arab Chamber of Commerce


Learning to be inspired

Now I’m an author

Just like a speaker

On my own stage…


Just make it my friend!

Act like it’s your turn

Get acting like one

Reality is now YOUR reality!

Speak Your Mind