What is love?

During the different stages of my life

I’ve always known

That there’s something in the air

That makes me smile, or not


When I remember the girl in me

I feel mixed feelings

Since that girl allowed he himself to believe

That the only truth was that no one wanted her.


While the Higher Truth through constant expansion

Through space its powerful and magical energy sent

Now I appreciate that the part not known in my hide-and-seek

Unknowingly, he genuinely kept the energy of love in me


When I reach adolescence

More and more feelings of despair allowed

And if I convinced my inner self to label myself

With a sweltering feeling of no self-love


However, the Higher Truth from which we all come

Expansion, always on continuous  Movement, and Light that we are

It was always inside me

That truth we’ve always heard, called LOVE


Turning the delicious fifteen years

Through a tragedy that omnipotent light suddenly appeared

Illuminating all my senses

Letting me know that LOVE had always been within me


Now I fully understand and very clearly

That NO was my head’s task to understand

That only the being of my non-thinking soul

It is the one that allows through gratitude to Love Being


I moved to the Boat of Unlimited Love

Leaving my old Fear Boat completely behind

And while I sailed in the sincere waters of Love

Our Creator always directed the direction of my candles


It was really Love that made me believe that at thirty

I would have learned ten foreign languages by now

Knowing that socializing with different creeds and cultures

It would always generate an ever more expansive energy within me


So without ever asking me how to do that

Just walk, step by step

Germany, Japan, Egypt and its neighbours

I magically lived with Divine gratitude


When you’re 29 years old

Those ten languages I diligently learned

They led me to generate with many others

That great energy that has always allowed me to learn


That love is not something you take or give

Nor is it something we can keep in a safe

But rather it is a state of our being

Simply something that very naturally alone SOMOS


And just as our Sun Father never tells us:

 ‘I’ll be on you, but not about you’

Love simply shines on anyone and everywhere

Without any discrimination, selection or thought


So with great gratitude I thank daily

And I simply allow that Light to present in all of us

Caress all my Self, intensely being

While I too allow my Light above all and all simply shine.


Nosotros somos Amor

Nosotros somos Amor


Spiritual Orgasms. Gloria   Belendez-Ramirez

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