Workshop in Barcelona on 23-11-2013

View and Perform.

A life-changing workshop

This workshop is for you if you want to:

Resort to your internal powers; find happiness, peace, and abundance WITHIN YOU; look no further!

“Ask, and they will be given; seek and will find; call and it will open. For all who ask, receive; the seeker finds; and the caller opens up.” Matthew 7: 7-8

“You asked, and you didn’t get it, because you asked wrong…” Santiago 4 : 3

Guided Meditation: You are Light, you are Love, you are Power. You are a creature of the Universe

1. How to take 100% responsibility for your life; Changes:

– to blame for appreciating.

– judging by listening.

– creating excuses for taking action.

2. Align with your Source. Find a space of relief to your present situation through positive thoughts and immediate actions, even if they are minuscule. Step by step you see feeling relief to feeling liberated.

3. Live in the Here and the Now. Problems can survive only in the past or in the future. They die in the Now. Soak up Gratitude and Compassion in the Now. Surrender…

4. Now that you are aligned with ‘I feel good’, be prepared to vibrate in your spiritual orgasms, constantly, in absolute gratitude and joy…

… achieve your career … get your fortune … find your partner … gets ___________________________ (fills the space)

Nothing can make you happier than the alignment between your Source and You

Time: 10-14 hours

Date: Saturday 23.11.13

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