Are you operating under the influence of something for nothing?

Do you operate under the influence of something for nothing?


The media is bombarding us with a tide of “to do”, “having to do”, “duty beings” and “injustice! We must protestarrr!”


The real challenge is to recognize whether we are aware of what is happening to us not only on a personal but also collective level.


How often do you hear a parent say to his recent graduate hij@: “You can’t take that job for only $500!, it’s nothing!


Or a son to say to his dad, “I’m not going to take that cheap phone! All my friends have iPhones!


Or a son to say to his mom, “This is my room and my TV! Leave me alone!”


Or a student to tell his teacher ‘Why do you give us so much homework?”


‘Recently one of the largest airlines in the U.S. was under the spotlight in the media globally? One of its flights was oversold and the airline needed volunteers to leave their seats in exchange for financial compensation so that personnel who were not in service could travel.


As no one volunteered, the airline chose the “victims” already on board. All the chosen ones reluctantly agreed to get off the plane, except for one: a Vietnamese passenger, a doctor who needed to fly to perform surgery the next day. This client was brutally forced off the aircraft, resulting in severe blows to his head – and of course, the humiliation of having been pulled by the hands and feet like an animal going to the slaughterhouse.


We are talking about a customer, a passenger who had paid for a service! A customer who pays makes it possible for the airline’s salaries to be paid! But the “something for nothing” mentality did not allow them to see beyond their personal interests. want to go see the family on a day off… instead of thinking about the client’s, who in this case urgently had to get to perform a medical operation that could save a life!


How is this possible?


Because it has become a norm to get something for nothing.


That’s not good news. This mentality will lead to tragedy. Guaranteed.


Indeed, the airline lost $1 billion on the stock exchange within days of this incident, which I hope will be a great lesson for all of us too…


Back to basics and essentials by finding balance


It is necessary to become aware of our environment in order to be able to separate ourselves from this collective mentality that we pretend that the less we give the better, and that we absolutely have the right to have, to receive. That the government owes us, our parents owe us, the boss owes us…


The truth be said: we are not owed anything. We earned everything. It’s cosmic law!


These points are the ones that helped me get out of my victim status (I deserve everything but they don’t give me anything…)


  • Gives the best of you, at all times, and especially if you are getting a paycheck.
  •   When you get paid, feel thanks and appreciation for Mrs. Money. It is a sacred energy that allows you to create and pay your bills… while helping to create other salaries when you pay your bills.
  •   Know that Mrs. Money will always follow you, but with a very strict condition: that you give the best of yourself, your excellence, without any expectation other than to serve.
  •   Be grateful for everything you have, including your miraculous five senses… your organs, your body …
  • Date realizes that each breath is a miracle in which 50 trillion cells are working together in total harmony and perfection. Can you imagine the lung cells saying, “We feel the heart. Today we’re not going to provide you with the oxygen you need to pump it all over your body. I just don’t feel like it.” Disaster. Death. Guaranteed.


How to return to the essence and find the balance?

When you start with yourself, one action at a time.


  • If you’re a teenager, start by doing acts of kindness at home. After all your parents gave you life! They provide you with a roof, food, bed, education, affection, care and love. Allow gratitude to be the guide that moves you to help them at home, take care of them, pamper them. Through this grateful action your brain will be recording a state of calm, peace, motivated to generate endorphins (happiness hormones) causing a state of expansion, of calm in your body. This happens every time you are in a state of appreciation.
  •  If you are an employee, understand for everything the boss has to go through every month in order to produce your salary. He/she will have to pay taxes, take care of maintenance and everything it takes for you to simply extend your hand and receive your paycheck. So do your part: give your best no matter what happens! And again, agradecid@, pay your bills knowing that you are helping pay the bills of the one who gives you the services you need… And smile! Ahhh. What a nice feeling…
  •  If you’re a boss, appreciate your staff and customers as they are the blood that travels in the veins and arteries of your business. Be extremely happy when your customers come back again and again, and when your employees do their work with passion and dedication.
  •  If you are a mother or parent, be tolerant and kind to your children, but sign at the same time. It is very important that you do not overprotect them, creating them the notion that they alone cannot. Let them be the wonder we all are, and make their money. The earlier, the better.


To consider by all


  • For everyone, there is one thing in common: want and respect your parents and the elderly. Without them you wouldn’t be here! You say your parents abandoned you or mistreated you? You come to an agreement* with this and free yourself from hell: know that you acted that way negative because they were confused. I thought it was correct, because most likely they were mistreated in the same way or even worse and know nothing better.
  • Let go of the past. Live in the Now and allow the future to become Now when you get here.
  • Live in gratitude. Now you will no longer be able to annoy any of your customers for the sake of their own comfort or convenience. Now you’re going to serve passionately… now the universe will serve you. Guaranteed.


Your Choose…


Decide now, how are you going to do your best today, and who will be the beneficiary?


* comes to an agreement with yourself? Read on our may 1, 2017 blog in which I will share with you how I came to terms with my unhappiness to live now in my happiness.


I hope this will help you shed a light in your life … 🙂


Be happy. It’s just a choice. Your Choice.




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