Implementation Program

Congratulations! If you are reading these lines it is because you have decided to be happy and stay happy No Matter What, Welcome! Gloria will be more than happy to join you in your natural state of well-being  which you might have “forgotten” or “misplaced”. With your willingness to become more and more aware of the fact that you are happiness itself, joining energies while “sailing on the Boat of Unconditional Love on the Waters of Gratitude”, you can find your own alignment with Source and from there, once in the window of “I feel Good”, go and get whatever it is that your heart desires.

This program is available in two different levels:



Personal Program

Under this option, you and Gloria will set objectives at the start of the program. Over the course of three months, you will have unlimited access to Gloria via email, and conduct a one hour call with her every two weeks in order to check your progress and  address any concerns which cannot be addressed over email.  Gloria will guide you through the issues you are facing, and will help you apply the happiness principles to your situation. Over the course of this journey, you will feel transformed through exercises and meditations; now you are in the position to feel more gratitude, compassion and forgiveness, finding yourself the way to becoming a happier, healthier and a wiser person.

Please get in touch with Gloria for more information.



Full Engagement Program

The full engagement program is for people who want to speed up their quest towards becoming a happier and more fulfilled person. This will include a 1:1 full day with Gloria, where you will hold a deep discussion with her about your goals, and how to execute them. This program is all about IMPLEMENTING what you ALREADY KNOW. It is very common to have read many self-help books and participated in many seminars, to come back home and still have a great difficulty to implement what you have learned. If you truly want to be happy, Gloria will entice you to tap into your inner powers and simply let go while implementing the power that you already are.


This program also includes a three-month followup access to Gloria via email and phone. Your travel and lodging expenses are not included.


Please get in touch with Gloria for more information.