How does an apple decide to be an apple?

Welcome back to the platform of Happiest Gloria!

I’ve been away for a couple of months, creating more, to share even more.

I love sitting here in the Lebanese mountains, again feeling the enormous happiness I feel from sharing how happiness really is a decision:
your decision!

The decision-making process: a platform we build

It is truly remarkable how much it moves within me when everything I do is tinged with the desire to learn, share, celebrate, create, just flowing, without having to decide which way to go.

During one of my swims in the Mediterranean Sea with the rising sun, being in that state of creativity, I traveled back, about fifty years ago … suddenly listening to my beloved mother tell me:

– “… your temperature is not that high. Barely 38C (normal is 37C). Just get up and go to school!

Yes, actually, I was disappointed. I wanted hugs. I wanted to make sure my stomach ache would pass (I often had tummy aches as a child) … but instead I was redirected to focus on moving forward, as always.

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At school later that morning, I told one of my classmates that I had a fever, but that the temperature of 38C was within normal limits.

He looked at me in disbelief saying:

– “What? That’s crazy! You should have stayed home! You have a high fever!”

I remember how that statement surprised me, questioning the judgment  of my infallible mother. And I ignored him.

Now, fifty years later, I realize how much that scene in my life shaped the foundation of what I just recognized as the platform upon which we make our decisions.

A decision-making process is something we forge based on our early experiences and education. And by education I mean the education of life. Academic education here does not have a major effect.

And this platform is made slowly, just like the nest of ants. It is a one-step at a time process colored with consistency and perseverance.

Growing up, this is what my mom was giving me (and it wasn’t always nice):

A constant and persevering life in which there is no confusion or doubt:

  • Get up even before the sun comes up
  • Make your bed daily, dust your room and clean up your bathroom
  • Eat a hearty breakfast every day (my mother would personally make sure I eat it all … or else …)
  • Wash dishes after meals
  • Half-done tasks are not allowed … otherwise war will break out …

I think that if a good dose of hugs and communication  had been added to this mix, I would have avoided getting sick from stress. However, in the end, everything worked out fine, and here I am thanking my parents for my great upbringing, guiding me to understand how to decide what.

Deciding is a simple process

The above statement may sound outrageous. Especially for a teenager in high school who is required to know exactly what he / she will choose as a career!

In fact, it is a great stress that puts teenagers on the brink of fear and despair …

What if I don’t like this career and I’ve already invested my dreams and funds in it?

“I want to study music, but they will tell me that it will not allow me to make money, what to do?

“I don’t want to study anymore, but if I don’t go to university I’ll be a Nobody …”

Does it sound familiar to you?

I want to share with you now how I see that things worked for me, guiding me on the path of how to decide correctly.

Seeing life through the eyes of benevolence

After overcoming fear and illness at the age of 15, thanks to a proof of love through my father’s tears while I was in a hospital bed, I began to see my life through the eye of benevolence..

At that moment, seeing the tears of that giant (my father), I suspected that I was really loved; This allowed me to see clearly, pulling me out of the extremely damaging state of “Poor me“.

It was clear that I had been under the influence of “ Poor me ” by allowing denigrating and limiting thoughts to describe me: I’m useless, I’m stupid, ugly, nobody loves me! … 

Now I had a benevolent perspective from which to start:

“I am who I am. No more questions!”

I realized how I had been insisting on judging myself and ‘defending’ myself from others to justify a poverty that never really existed … it had only been on my mind the whole time! ”

Now, the decision-making platform setup was strong enough that I would just let go and rest, with the support of that platform. Now all that mattered was:

  • What makes me feel good?

  • What makes me feel like I’m having fun?

  • What makes me feel useful?

Now I could decide that I would do exactly that. Love myself first.

In doing so, from being an eternally fearful and sickly child, I freed myself from myself thanks to the great support of the decision-making platform based on benevolence and gratitude.

Sitting on this Magic Platform , I knew that I was capable of anything and everything, guided by that Life Force that Creates in Constant Movement, with effortless effort.

Of course, at that time I would not have been able to describe the physiology and anatomy of my decision-making process as I understand it now. Back then I just followed my instincts …

Now, looking back at my life, I can see that my parents’ very strict upbringing was not really that strict. Rather, it was a very wise education, because by believing in the greatness in me, my parents knew that they didn’t need to treat me like a baby… sending me to school with a slight fever, telling me that I would be fine.

And now I know they were right.

I suggest that you also believe in the greatness within yourself. It is not necessary to analyze or explain with blows and excuses how much you are not capable … only know that you always can !

And you always can.


Heaven on earth

Visiting the Paradise of Zorab and Arsine has been an affirmation of the above.

The harmony in which they live, the generosity in which they swim, the contagion of a wide flow of possibilities, inclusivity and creativity to everyone around them is truly inspiring.

Its gardens are filled with grateful flowers and trees, meticulously cared for … exuding its amazing and comforting energy on us, in a WOW! Feeling of love .

I was fed organic apples and tomatoes from the property of Zorab’s friends, near Sannine, in magical and wonderful Lebanon. As I begged him to please let me greet all the apple trees, yesterday we drove through the mystical fog, resulting in an explosion of life mixed with gratitude and wonder …

Apples don’t need to decide

A strange question?

Ahhhh. Just being … these apples don’t need to decide!

From the moment the Mother Seed became a seedling, it simply grew roots, became a bush, became a tree, flourished and finally only allowed the fertile land, guided by that Life Force to create in constant movement, bring these incredible apples to the world …

She only knows that it is a perfect and divine apple.

We are all perfect and divine. When you know it, you can only feel divinity in everything that surrounds you in a total way!

You no longer need to decide. It only flows into your being of origin …

This beautiful tree is so small and so fertile, with its branches almost broken by the weight of its apples!

She is naturally so generous, needing NOTHING!

This apple tree is very happy for you to eat its adorable creations, apples, never checking if the surrounding trees produce more or are prettier or healthier.

She just is …

This rock is just, patient, just being.

They have been around for millions of years. And as she does, she is, just is, intensely.

Listen to the silence …

Ahhh !! Thank you my sister Arsine

Thanks Zorab for all your teachings with your pure example …

Good Morning!

Let’s go to the next adventure: KUCH A SABAYAH! I’ll tell you next time …

How I thank our Source for the fact that there is always more , gratefully closing a season, happy, full, knowing that there is always more to experience, to be thankful for, to decide …

In a big hug!

Ahhh… it feels great not to have to decide, just surrender to the Divine Flow, and shine, floating in the direction of I feel good!

What do you choose?

Trust me, my dear Earthling; I share with you this life experience that tells me that by choosing to follow your own instinct, knowing that everything is perfect as it is, and that everyone is divine, you will be guided towards Total Freedom because with that clarity and calm you will be provoking in your brain the production of endorphins (the hormone of happiness) … floating in the direction of I feel good , in a natural way, being true to yourself in the process.

Yeyy! Welcome to Heaven!

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