Yes!!!..but no…



Welcome back to! So happy to share herewith mutual encounters with happiness, so that together we live in health, wealth and wellbeing ON DEMAND…


Just a couple of hours ago I experienced indecision and its possible crippling effects…if allowed…

What causes us to stay in this very dangerous, fine line, provoking the intermittent emission of cortisol in our bodies? That uneasy feeling created by the “yes…or no?” doubt crippling our creativity?

How to decide if A or B is more appropriate, or none of the above but maybe C?




This is, I feel, one of the largest causes of frustration, which then leads to anger, and then to self criticism… which leads to lack of self esteem, with that inner voice telling us:


“Pssstt… you are a failure… you never can decide properly…you are mediocre.



Ohhhh. No…  the M word!!


The word that causes a chain reaction within, forcing the tummy to squeeze itself sending a deformed smile onto our faces, trying to cancel that thought into a mask that makes us feel even more of an “I am good for nothing…”


Why am I mentioning this today?


Because this thought does try to get into my being…however being addicted to endorphins, it fails to really get into my system, not causing any damage…but rather fertilizing my ability to celebrate.


So much so that, after I “get back into senses” by appreciating what I do have, I hear myself say: “It’s just a test…”


This morning, as I woke up in my friend Karla’s absolutely amazing home in Cancun, the sunrise woke me up back into Paradise.


Ahhhhh.  What an intense feeling of joy! What a sensation of 🙏 gratitude for her kindest invitation to share her beautiful space even in her absence.


Gracias Karla!


I had only two hours to do x number of things before my niece would arrive for an 8 am breakfast.




…I feel like walking in the beach, even if it’s windy…


…or shall I go to the Jacuzzi down at the pool area???


…or shall I do my morning exercise here in this beautiful apartment?…




And so saying I didn’t do any of the above!


Somehow time passed as I answered some communications which, if I see now, could have waited for now that I am at the airport waiting for the Cancún-Queretaro flight that will take me back home today.


…could have…


….should have…






As a consequence, here I am, writing about my aborted experience of criticizing myself over something that could have been, and wasn’t…


As I gratefully sat at the restaurant waiting for Alexandra, I remembered those days in which doubt used to hunt me at all times, making me feel so frozen in my inability to melt the anxiety that used to be my state of being.


Ahhhh. What joy to feel that I have now the tools to not fall into the “poor me” by appreciating what I do have: health, wealth, wellbeing…


Of course, I slept well after a light yoghurt with fresh apple for dinner, after a day of blessings while feeling the kindness of Karla, sprinkled by the fabulous vibrancy that her paintings continued to splash me with, causing that sense of Awe that kept me “glued” to her  spacious apartment located at sea front…




Being my body well rested, I had the space to jump into the pool of “great me”, smiling at the fact that “whatever I thought I had missed”’ was only an illusion…


Illusion… isn’t that where we all live?


We all live in our life bubbles, saying yes or no to situations we face every day, tinting our bubbles in our own preferred colors, shapes and forms.


So today, I write these lines smiling at the “previous-poor-me-Gloria” who would have chosen the “I should have…mediocre you!”,


Smiling, feeling how this time I choose the “everything is perfect just the way it is”, allowing endorphinization to send my intercelular space to expand, feeling the Light  that created all of us flow in my body, sending me into a sense of ahhhh witnessed by a huge smile on my face…


Have you ever felt fear of the effect of the M word?




Then this might be of help to you.


You can choose your way out of that sense of weight slaving you into the prison of self criticism that will always attack your mental and physical health.


Wait no more and allow the M word to be just a test for your ability to just be the perfection that we all are.


One thing that has helped me in this matter is to accept that I am so passionate that I want to say yes to everything. And sometimes in that “too many yeses” platform I may get overwhelmed because we can only do one thing at the same time…


So I relax at the idea that I won’t be able to swim anymore in the sea, even if I am wearing my swimming suit under my traveling clothes here at the airport. And allow me to feel proud because I was already ready to keep on keeping on weaving a beautiful necklace of smiles with the events that I see as pearls…no matter what.



In a nutshell

How to hug the M word and kindly melt its effect on us 


If you want to avoid being a victim of the M word:


  • Sleep well
  • Nurture your body with prime foods and liquids
  • Oxygenize your body mindfully, breathing gratefully while imagining your lungs, heart and blood vessels conspire together in total harmony and team work to keep you alive while breathing miraculously
  • Focus on your muscles holding your bones and organs in place as you exercise your divine vehicle, this body that Source gifted you with to navigate on this Fiesta called Life
  • Celebrate, share and hug!



And most importantly, hug yourself.





What do you choose?

Only the no?




Only the yes?



Or both at the same time…yes…but no…?


Yes… but no!




If you decide for a single option helped by your imagination and following the gut feeling “I feel good”, your mind will rest knowing that you have already made a decision.

Give it time to germinate …


If you plant an orange seed, and after a week you dig it up and better plant a pear seed … then again  dig it up and sow another seed, you will notice that you will be left without any fruit.


It is neither bad nor good. It’s just an election. Your choice.


If you imagine that orange juice, delicious, that you squeeze with much joy already tasting the amazing flavor, you will surely let the seed become a tree and give you the fruits that you are already savoring.


If you imagine that no, better a pear, or, no!, better a plum … you will not have any fruit in the end.


Close your eyes, breathe, and ask what image makes you feel good.



And Enjoy!





It is fine to decide either way…and stay in that decision.

The conflict comes when we decide yes…but no, or no…but yes.


Choosing temporarily yes to switch to no, and then back to the same square one, however feeling more confused than before…


Stay in one decision, whatever it is, no or yes, blue or red, round or square…


…and sing…


The singing relaxing effect will enable your brain to sense that “all is fine”, and endorphins will make your body expand, and everything will be clear like water.


Yey!! Now you can control your celebration mood on demand…


Let us keep on celebrating!


Together we happinize better…


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