Villas Xichu Outdoor
In 1999, I started building a house with the intention of staying in Mexico for two or three years, in order to allow our children to “take” their grandparents and their Mexican culture.


It was a magical experience: the Villa was not built. Was born. What does this mean? The masons, carpenters, painters, who worked on its construction did so in total happiness to serve. It was truly a pleasure to be inspired by the humility and experience of Mexican workers.



When La Casa de la Rosa Rosa was finished, we just couldn’t send a crew home. They were FAMILY! So… we decided to build a second house…. Now we have eight villas, three pools and an excellent conference center, we think it is a place where people come to meet in peace and creativity.


The result? A happy place that is truly very alive, a space that inspires you and the tranquility and possibility radiated. A hidden paradise in the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, a historical gem that is under the umbrella of UNESCO.

Villas Xichu is the ancestor of my soul purpose: to attract others to decide to be happy and to be happy no matter what.


Come and celebrate your family or a corporate event! You will be happy you did.Please visit Web Villas Xichu  con to see what difference Villas Xichu has made in my life, and how it can make a difference in your life too!