Let yourself flow

When I look at the foundations of my  YO  current,  I realize again and again how, while I followed my path always giving my best and passionately enjoying what I did; whether learning a language, completing a project or seeking to achieve the goal of a client, always, however difficult the challenge would have been, I came to the culmination of it as by magic, with an effortless effort, blessed by the power of our Creator.


When I have dyed my daily actions with the desire to serve others,

to appreciate others,

to seek to be inspired by others,

a special ingredient enriches me every minute;

making me feel alive,


grateful and always expanding.




I clearly feel the energy of everything around me,  Nature  and  everything that our Creator put on our planet, always generates more energy; and it is clear that the more it allows this energy to run through my Being, the more energy is generated by the Universe within me.


A real miracle!

Ahhhhh. . . What a miracle life is!


What a blessing it is to float in this flow… giving me away…


Thank goodness.

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