Tolerance, the Way of Peace

  What is tolerance? Recognizing that if you have the right to think in a certain way, the neighbor, the neighbor too.   It is the recognition that no one is well or no one is wrong... we just have different points of view.   When you practice tolerance, it is clear that you have reached a very high degree of awareness. You're not in harmony with yourself and others. You're … [Read more...]

I speak to others with respect.

Respect for others automatically generates respect for your person... respect and you will be respected. Just do it, and you'll see the great peace in which you will live   Impeccable Language...   If you allow only gentle words to come out of your mind, you will draw respect to yourself and yours.   If you allow only positive thoughts that make you feel expanding, you will … [Read more...]

I hear myself

There's no better guide than your inner guide. Quietly, listen...   When you love yourself unconditionally, like the creation of God you are, you will always feel that connection with you that will guide you at all times. You will need time alone with your inner person, and in that intense respect for you and your vehicle (your body), you will be in constant communication with your inner … [Read more...]

My Mistakes Are My Lessons

What is a mistake but the pattern that leads us to perfection? The only mistake of a mistake is not to learn from it! How can it be a mistake to fall when you don't see a hole in your path and because you're with the view where it should be, upright and forward, your foot falls into the hole and you fall. This is not a mistake, it is a consequence of not knowing the territory; now that you know … [Read more...]

One Step at a Time

  Patience and celebration on the way...   How many times have you been obfuscated because there's so much to do, and there's not time in the world that catches up with you to finish what you started?   Breathe... breathe again and stay in the present moment. Forget everything and just feel like you breathe... listen to the sound caused by the ingress of air into your system, … [Read more...]

I do not whip myself, I admire myself!

How do you live your life? Remembering past mistakes and wishing I hadn't made them? Bringing them to your present moment again and again, relive those bitter moments that brought you to feel bad, perhaps experiencing shame, fear, longing... And the months and years keep passing, and you keep latigating, punishing you for such a 'tremendous mistake'?   If you breathe deeply and smile, … [Read more...]

I appreciate myself daily

  Maybe this is one of the hardest principles to come by. We care too much as our neighbour thinks, that we are criticized, that they understand us badly... and then we prefer to sacrifice our ideals, our plans, thinking that if we commit, we will be accepted more easily...   But I think this is the best way to betray us. Instead of appreciating each other, we criticize each other... … [Read more...]

Speaking to me with respect

"Oh, what a fool I am!! I'm already burning my soup. Because I can never do anything right!!" "But my God! How fat I am!!! And I'm so little that I can't get this weight off my back. I've been trying for years... I don't have any willpower!" "I know they won't give that work to me. I'm not capable enough to be hired. " Sounds familiar? Notes how to talk to yourself in this way just DEPRIME? … [Read more...]

What do I do if I can do it?

What Deal If I Can Do It For?     Eye! To try is to give you permission to fail... That's what you want?   Impeccable language... it is essential to know that, as Buddha says, "you are what you think"...   Do the proof yourself. Give yourself the order to TRY to touch your head. If you touch it, you notice that you did not follow the command "try to touch your head", but … [Read more...]

“…What if…”

  ... What if...?       Doubting is part of human nature. However, like everything else, one can train to have faith. To know that everything will come out as one has it thought or manifested.       Yes. It's just a matter of training. When you hear yourself say, "... and if ...???," become aware that you are sabotaging yourself. And in total calm and … [Read more...]