Making peace with the challenges of the past

  For the first fifteen years of my life I lived in a bleak world ...   What no one around me knew my world was bleak?    Well, it didn't look like it...   Not when I saw  my mom lovingly serve my dad the grapes peeled with a smile.   Not even when my parents danced until the little hours the next day at the parties that were organized in my … [Read more...]

Are you operating under the influence of something for nothing?

Do you operate under the influence of something for nothing?   The media is bombarding us with a tide of "to do", "having to do", "duty beings" and "injustice! We must protestarrr!"   The real challenge is to recognize whether we are aware of what is happening to us not only on a personal but also collective level.   How often do you hear a parent say to his recent graduate … [Read more...]

I Virtual Conference on Growth, Motivation and Personal Improvement

  We're what we think.   If we live in gratitude our thoughts will be expansive, light, serene and creative.   Check out how to provoke thoughts that lead you to the realization of your peace, your serenity, abundance and health.   Thank you so much for contacting me. 🙂   Happyliciously, Celebrating Life No Matter What! I Virtual Conference of Growth, … [Read more...]

How was born

"This book, who 'me wrote' and was published on 7.11.12 will be published in Spanish in August. On August 4th to be precise, in the company of the "godfather" Luifer, who will arrive from Puerto Rico..." -I told myself one morning in April this year.   I saw this visualization come true. There was joy everywhere, my parents from my bowels enjoyed the energy so lively that this book … [Read more...]

You are Happy

You are happy?, Share your experiences of maximum expansion. Sharing amplifies its effects and infects more people. Contact us, because together we are more.   If you want to participate, send us written, images or videos. Send us an mail contact the subject matter and we will get in touch. mail de contacto con el asunto y nos pondremos en contacto.   … [Read more...]