A Tribute to Adolescence



I remember with melancholy and mixed feelings when I enter adolescence…


“You have Pinocchio nose… it’s normal for you to have these changes during puberty!”


“Ay… what cute spiders you have in your eyes…” Referring to the mask I had applied to my lashes. 


And the worst thing about it is that I couldn’t make any comments to such comments coming from my mother… because if I answered how badly those words made me feel or “turned me upside down” or answered:


“Ay! It’s. You’ll understand when you grow up!”


But I didn’t want to wait to grow! I wanted to understand it at the time! Feel the exit door, feel comfort despite the changes in my body and in psychology…


Today I am a mother of two young adults 21 and 23 years old who also went the same way. And despite the immense desire to give them what I once wanted from the parents, I know that they also went through those moments when they did not understand themselves. 


To you growing teen, goes all my respect and admiration.


To you who sometimes have no idea where a road begins or ends, or you don’t know which path to take and take refuge in your friends that “if they understand you”… And that sometimes you pretend that if you understand since you don’t either understand you.


A ti, precious column of our morning, of those leaders and parents who governed morning forming the present of our grandchildren who have not yet been born. nbsp;/>span>


To you, you hardened dreamer, who feels unprotected  but who attaches so much importance to protecting friends in his own way


A ti, my “past me”, because I too was a teenager and now as an adult I understand you better. 










You’re perfect, and you came to remind your parents that sometimes they focus on your happiness but from their point of view and not yours, creating a great contradiction. </span>


Be patient with adults and especially your parents.


Remember that without them you wouldn’t be breathing and living this wonderful experience called life. 


Live Live  guided for the thank you and the fun! 


Y you will be causing not only your good health, abundance and well-being, but the world peace itself.


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