Allah huwa Akbar !!! God is great!

“I take that blessed glass of water with both hands

Dancing with his spirit as he saw me in his eyes

Bringing my lips closer to that divine elixir

Feeling THANK YOU GOD MIO in every sip


I felt this miraculous liquid go down my throat

Grateful I understood that in all cases

The best water I can drink

It is the water that I respect, I thank and appreciate with all my being”



Have you traveled to places that are completely different from your country? Have you ever felt the urgency of understanding someone who has a totally opposite point of view to yours, and have wanted to understand the reason for their thoughts? Have you ever tried to enter your neighbor’s world, taking off your shoes to put on their own, and thus see life from their perspective?

You’ll be amazed to see how much your life lights up when you live in a tolerant way, understanding the various points of view.

It’s called Freedom.


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