Awarded in London?

Ceo clubs Awards 2


Welcome Back, this time in London!



Dearest happy and not-yet-so-happy friends,



Welcome back to yet another session of The Language of a Happy Life: What is going on in my brain?


This time I have decided to share with you an incredible experience that has just happened to me.


I want to share with you how you too can provoke great things to just happen to you when you are  giving your brain appreciative, kind, happy images through  gratitude-based thoughts.


In this occasion I am simply sharing what happened to me, and how this type of events can happen to all of us if we simply ALLOW THEM, by just flowing with the  following belief:


        Everybody is good and everything is perfect just the way it is.


 Simply allow this feeling to permeate your every single cell and be ready to be taken beyond the Beyond…


It is truly how you see life, and not what is going on in it, what creates your reality…


What do you choose?


Here I go… with this amazing event in which the happiness in me has been awarded at the BURJ CEO AWARDS in London, England, along with other amazing people who live to give, to be, to create salaries and manifest dreams…


Happiness is Awarded?

Yesterday I have been awarded

Today I am still in awe
For what is it to be awarded
For simply being with Self in touch?


As my name was called
Amongst that powerful crowd
Of people young and not so old
I felt my heart ❤️ deeply pound…


“What?? It’s not true!
What is going on?
My eyes 👀 glittered “untrue!
As Sarah summoned: On stage! Go now!


In deep amazement
Not knowing what to do
I went on stage
With no further a do.


Oh Mom, Oh Dad
What do I do now?
I feel so happily mad
You are the ones on stage now!”


As the smiles of the award givers
Receive me on stage
My brain is endorphined
Gratitude exploding like a sage.


As my hands receive the golden trophy

That many awardees before me embraced,
I feel their joy also in this trophy
Indeed we are all One with no end.


The Burj Awards was created

By Tariq Nizami’s intention to praise
All those noble people who are rated
As big contributors that our society amaze.


Whether it’s bankers or artists
Government officers 👮 or business owners,
For the last 90 minutes I had clapped
Admiring what all had been praised.


Award for the global happiness Ambassador”
Is what my being is hearing Now!!
But…what is there to be awarded
For knowing there is nothing to Know?


My body touches the trophy
I know just how much effort was put to create it:
Months and months of dedication
To bring this evening to its summit.


Tariq Nizami and his dreams

Of creating a platform to invite
Business men and women alike
To trade as we create others’ salaries and smile.


The Ceoclubs Network

with home in Dubai,
An emirate that was founded
On the pillars of service to all alike.


With his mother and father
Being the witness of faith
Along with wife Sarah Dong who can’t alter
Her deep love-for-all-look on her face.


This award I receive
For your ancestors and mine,
Who since forever have woven
This fabric that shines.


Upon all the people who support us
Jenn, Jack, Cherisse and so many more
Thank you, thank you, thank You
Ceoclubs now I love you so much more!


And what is to love
If not to incessantly create
New smiles, in the one mode:
TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER, now come along, you are part of this train!



What happened? Figuring out…


Oh, my God. Oh my God!


I can’t recall a moment that I have been more surprised than today.


As I flew into London from Dubai with my lovely by-God-appointed daughter Svina in order to support Sarah Dong,  CeoClubs  executive director and Ceo Clubs founder Dr. Tariq Nizami, my heart was eager to support this lovely couple that I so admire.


Ohhh. What level of organization! What an amazing desire to serve!


I left Dubai at 1 am with great desire to be part of the immense efforts-to-praise that this event, the CEO Clubs Burj Awards represents. Svina, my Chinese daughter would be meeting me at London Heathrow Airport to live with me this experience.




The agenda, that was written on paper, turned out to be a million times more than its description.




I packed all Sindashi clothes, art made fashion that allowed me to bring my Mexican artisans and painters to this event by wearing them.



October 10, 10 pm. With my heart still overflowing with joy, I send my blessings to all before sleeping by preparing this niche, thanking my dearest husband Ibrahim, to whom I dedicate this award. To Mrs. Nizami, mother of Tariq, for being always present in my life through him;  to my relatives and friends; to all those artisans that create art made fashion enhancing my every event;  people who have  smiled and collaborated in my actual understanding of life: we are all One.


YOU, my friend, are receiving this award with me. Thank you!

Feeling blessed, immensely blessed for this opportunity to share with the world the joy that is enticing others to choose happiness, provoking the own health, wealth and wellbeing.



October 9

Going back one day:



 October 9, 7 am
Arrived in London Heathrow airport. Always empowered by the cleaners with their smiles. Baoli, allias Svina is always in! Can you imagine how the streets would be without them? Mil gracias!


Our host hotel…


And our host Dr. Tariq Nizami!  Yey!!


Lunching while appreciating…


And a lovely welcome dinner while celebrating at the prestigious Caledonian Club...


What an event! Instead of 60, 80 people showed up…
Success calls for more…


Colleague and friend Sandi Rich, financial adviser from the heart and member of the board at the CEO Clubs women’s division…


An event in which we all are more like close family members, celebrating our CEOClubs, a platform in which we trade, buy and sell, knowing that we are creating salaries and manifesting dreams…


Together we happinize better

Together we happinize better! Thank you sweet CeoClubbians for your contribution to our community!



October 10, 2017

Surprise!! The next morning


My so admired Dr. Mohamed Shael, CEO of Department  of Economic Development of Dubai, as usual, bringing the best of Dubai to the world.


On the bus going to the House of Lords to announce the founding of CEO Clubs UK inside the House of Lords; here I present the poetic book written by Tariq’s wonderful, super kind Mother, which I carry wherever I go in my globe trotting, receiving her continuous blessings.


In the bus  on our way to the House of Lords, singing along the lines of:


Happiness is here and now
I have dropped my worries
Nothing to do, nowhere to go
And I’m not in a hurry


Happiness is here and now
I have dropped my worries
Something  to do, somewhere to go
And I’m not in a hurry


And here we are, screened to go in with some of the ladies!


A group of about 70 of us… wow CEO Clubs. See what you have done???


Together we are better! With CEO Clubs executive director Sarah Dong, my “twin sister”


My most favorite and admired Dr Mohamed Shael. What a way to serve Dubai and humanity in the best of Dubai Government!!  Also here my lovely and pure twin sister Sarah and Danube Partner and Director Atif Rahman, representing a true rags-to-riches super story.


Sindashi, art made fashion by Mexican artisans.  You are wherever I go…and your 150 painters, embroiders and sewers are being honored as we speak.


The art and history here excite my every cell! Wearing hand crafted glasses. Viva Mexico! Come, share with us your art and what makes you have fun!


Yeyyyy! Women, we rock! CEO’s from different countries gracefully creating salaries and manifesting dreams…


Just like the Keep Bhutan Clean movement I witnessed during my trip there two weeks ago, in this key location we have the same initiative! And you? What are you keeping clean?



Inside the House of Lords


The parliament. And we are here! Part of decision-making history. Thank you CEO Clubs!


From China to Pakistan, from Namibia to USA, CEO’s that came to celebrate the founding of CEO clubs UK and also be possibly awarded.


IMG_8793 (2)
Heartisans is also here, making history! It humbles me to imagine the caring artisans that otherwise would never be able to travel and show their incredible talent. I dedicate this to all the artisans of the world, who make our lives always so colorful and beautiful as anonymous happinizers… not anymore anonymous now!



And CEO of Dubai Economic Development Mohamed, an award nominee is sharing his life view as a civil servant making us realize just how important it is to live in congruency with our government. God bless our Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. How inspiring Dubai is!




Together we are better. Announcing the Mexico Happiness Fest march 17-18, 2018,  hopefully with the participation of Dubai! At Villas Xichu happiness holistic center in Mexico, founded by me… what an honor!



Again more food… how privileged are we?


Sommelier at the House of Lords restaurant.




Delegations from China, Namibia, USA, Spain, Greece, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Dubai, all bringing the grain of support to the community. What fun!


And Ibrahim, my admired life partner, you travel with me in this frame… see you tomorrow!!!



Together we are better…


Mohammed, I can feel your parents presence in every move, in every word you say. Namaste…I honor the light within you. You are an excellent ambassador of Dubai. Soon to witness the Dubai Eye, the largest wheel in the world.


Another great happinizer, Councillor Francis StaintonOctober 28 holds here another happinizing event. Feeling empowered by her actions. Namaste.


IMG_8846 copy

And the beat goes on! Modern and not so modern, blending together. Past and future, to make the present in linear time. We have only got the NOW. What is your Now like? Is it based on appreciative thoughts or fearful thoughts? Your choice…



The Gala Dinner and CEO Burj Awards


With the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum, Dr. Tariq Nizami, founder of the Ceoclubs Network presented the CEO Burj Awards to effective community enhancers and innovators.


Sindashied!! At the London Dorchester Hotel


HE Namibian Minister of Finance Mr. Calle Schlettwein. Kind and compassionate.



Another member of the parliament teaching us by kind example. Baroness Couttie.


Phones around being happinized. Here with Dr. Atif Rahman, Partner of Danube, a company that started in Dubai as a small stall 24 years ago and is now billion dirham business. What joy to see the happinizing sticker on his phone: You decide to be happy and stay happy No Matter What!


What have you decided?

 Waiters waiting on us happily


If I had only known…



And the surprise gets started…

Mentor TARIQQQ!!! Granting dozens of awards in the presence of H.H. Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum  from the Dubai Royal Family and patron of Ceo Clubs Network.


Here with H.E. president of Namibia Hage Geingob, who was also awarded for efficient governance as an African Leader.


Sarah asked for my phone to take pix because hers “had no more battery”, making sure I would be in the room when they would call my name.


She asks me to sit in Tariq’s place while he is on the podium.


She takes a selfie of the twins in us…


Happiness is what we are. This award I receive on behalf of us all... Happiness is what we are. This award I receive on behalf of us all…


Whaaammm! My name is splashed all over the ballroom…as I hear with almost tears in my eyes:

Award for the global Happiness Ambassador GLORIA BELENDEZ-RAMIREZ!!!”

That would be ME!! My Mom’s and Dad’s daughter!



I can’t believe it! Don’t know what to say so… I sing:  Be happy and stay happy, no matter what, NO MATTER WHAAAAT!!


And my heart pounds all the way to the Aztecs…  GRACIAS DIOS MÍO!!! Thank you God…



And at the podium, I am requested to speak.

“I don’t know what to say.  The only thing I know is that I am extremely happy and I am veeeryyy contagious!”
And I cast my imaginary wand on the audience:




I hear me say over the microphone as I cast my magic wand over all the 300 diners.
Cheater Peter my “twin sister” Sarah!!!


And so the president of Namibia and Sarah we all become One in peace, health, wealth and wellbeing. We know that together we are better!


All the CEO awardees including lovely Sandi Rich from Dubai



And my lovely Baoli alias Svina being part of Mom Gloria’s joy (that would be me…)


A dream that I cherish and take full responsibility of. Please help me with this happiness explosion and continue to choose happiness no matter what! Let’s weave TOGETHER a happinizing fabric that will cover wars and hatred transforming them into peace and harmony…





 Shukran Founder of Ceoclubs Dr. Tariq Nizami


Thank you forever… Sarah and Tariq


Together we are better!!



What is happening in your brain?


What are you choosing to think? Are thoughts of kindness and joy creating gentle thoughts to allow your brain to send the order to produce endorphins, bringing you back to our natural state of being: health, wealth and wellbeing? Are you seeing in those around you beautiful partners of your dreams, where you want to contribute with them? Enjoying each event, no matter how little, as something extraordinary?


Or are you choosing to live in state of stress, letting your brain know that there is a constant emergency going on in your life, hence the production of the stress hormone to help you defend yourself of escape…


When you know that everything is perfect just the way it is, and everybody is good, there is nothing to escape from or defend oneself from…


So chill, appreciate your eyes that are reading this, appreciate your heart that is pumping the oxygen that your lungs have filtered into your divine body…and praise, just praise this beautiful life…


Now, you too, have been awarded. This trophy belongs to all of us, happinizers, just celebrating life no matter what.






See you next November 1, the day of the Dead in many countries, with more endorphinization!!!


Hasta la vista!



  1. We are your funs , Sister Gloria, the only Global Happiness Ambassador has been creating happiness and laughter with kindness and strong serving mind for years. We are blessed to have you in CEO Clubs Network Family!


    Dear Global Happiness Ambassador!

  3. Gloria Belendez Ramirez says

    Thank you so much my dearest Sada!

    I am just now reading your comment.

    What is good an new?

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