Clean the table of your life in one go.

How wonderful it is to feel how life flows so harmoniously!

And knowing that I am the only one who can allow or not to allow events to bother me!

Of course, we all go through difficult situations and unwanted challenges: situations in which we have lost, or have a sick family member, or economic problems or just a headache. This is what I call “my dump” here.

And as easily as drinking soap and water, the only effective solution I see is TAKE ACTION, and clean it, singing, at once!   I don’t need to wonder where I stain what?   Nor do I know how big the stain was, nor wonder me;  ” Why am I going to be so dumb? That I can’t be more careful?”

I know that when I clean my table, one pass and once and for all, I’ll clean up any trace of the previous food. And while I clean it, I focus grateful on the fact that I have food that leaves traces to clean! , Giving it back thanks to God in seeing it clean, I rejoice in advance the next feast, and so, life is an endless joy!

Looking at that free, clean surface, which expects new life projects, new inspirations, new banquets… the Table of Life that I love so much…

Ahhhh… Thank you my God!!

Prepárate para la siguiente aventura de tu vida.

Get ready for the next adventure of your life.

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