Conversations with Gloria

“When I met Gloria, I could never have imagined how I was going to change my life.

I thank every day for crossing my path because it was “casual.”

From that afternoon on the landing of the elevator of the Hotel Magestic, I saw her jumping, dazzling.

He conveyed to me what it means to be happy, not only for his words but for that energy that he gives off and that infects you.

I had different conversations that helped me understand where the “mistake” of my mental program was.

They reproduce in my mind  the conversations and I thought I should write them down so I could pass on this solution, so that I could help someone in the same situation.

The change is not immediate, it is like when there is a room that you always see dark, unknown ; where you can’t imagine or its proportions, and one day you go with a flashlight and you illuminate it for sure that many things change in your mind, because you start to become aware.



A message from Glory to my soul.

Gloria asked me what’s keeping you from being happy?


And I discovered that I was not allowed to be happy, because I had always been told as a child; that as I could be happy if around me there was so much injustice, sadness, sickness, misfortune.


Gloria told me.

Are you responsible for the misfortune of others, that is, it is up to you?


Well, how do you help all that misfortune around you with your sadness?

– I answered in nothing.

Instead if you are happy, you can give them joy or you simply have your energy to help, infuse positive energy.

Is it bad to feel happiness?.   They made you think you’re selfish for that?

Being unhappy doesn’t make you any better and instead that state finally makes you sick!!


That’s how I understood that I didn’t help feeling bad about the injustice around me. I obviously don’t share it or support it. Then why did I feel guilty?.

Many times the education received from the same society makes us feel guilty and responsible for everything but our being.

The messages received in our childhood are very powerful, they are recorded as in a blank paper, with a lot of intensity and cost to erase, only by understanding and taking twice as long to rewrite them correctly, turn this re-writing into a habit.

We are responsible for us, for our thoughts, for our desires, for our decisions.

I thought the best option is to decide to feel happy.

It was good for my health and for everyone in general.

Because happiness expands and  spreads.”


Montse Ayza. 🙂

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